A Near Death Experience, No. 191.

My Grandmother's Near Death Experience.

In 1944 my grandmother had an experience that I have had her tell me over and over from the time I was young.

She died in 1998 from cancer at the age of 86, and when I asked her if she was scared she said "not at all," she knew there was something after this life and the only thing she was scared of is to leave us behind. This is her story the way she told it to me.

A couple nights after her mother died she was sleeping with her niece which was about 3 years old.

During the night her niece kicked her, and she woke up, laying there, not being able to fall back to sleep she felt as if a phone had been put right up to her ear. She could hear her sister who lived miles away saying "Mama, are you happy Mama?"

"Poor thing", she thought, she expects to get an answer.

She closed her eyes and felt herself crash through the ceiling and the next thing she saw was a huge chassis, beautiful mountains, and colors she said that were not colors you would ever see in this world. She also knew or had a knowing feeling that she could not go to the other-side. She could hear her sister next to her, but could not see her and again, "Are you happy Mama?"

This time there was a response, her mother, "Yes, it's wonderful here, why don't you come too?"

She replied "No mama, I can't yet."

Then, "You too", directed towards my grandma.

"No mama, my kids are young and they need me here."

Their mother replied, "Later then", and she felt herself crash back down through the walls and right back in her bed.

The next day as her and her sister talked on the phone her sister said, "You know I talked to Mama", and my grandma replied, "I know, I was there".

That night, before this happened, her sister had an automatic writing experience and wrote a beautiful poem. She said later, she could hardly keep up with her hand because of how quickly the voice or force was telling her what to write -- here it is:

God knoweth best, his will be done.
Through faith in him your heart he won.
He calls his own, we must not grieve.
When souls like yours, his all receive.
He came to earth, each soul to save.
He asked for nothing, only gave.
I'm content to know you're in his care.
God's richests blessings sharing there.
We loved you much on earth below,
  it seems so hard to let you go.
Your work was done, your days were spent.
God took you home, you were content.
God answers prayers, you told us so.
We watched your faith these past weeks grow.
You felt his touch, you heard his voice.
A gentle breeze, then a quiet repose.
You loved your own, you love us still.
We must not fail to do his will.
For in God's love is hope and peace.
His wonderous blessings never cease.
I see your smile, I hear your call.
It does not seem you're gone at all.
I'll wait in faith to hold your hand,
We'll meet again in God's promised land.

G. Gerland

I carried this in my purse for years as inspiration, when I needed it. To know there is something greater than ourselves. This poem was printed and handed out at the funeral.


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