A Near Death Experience, No. 189.

My Spiritual Experience.

Hello! -- Your web site is wonderful -- Just wanted to share:

I've often wanted to tell someone about my spiritual experience, but it's not a NDE, rather what many would class a religious experience. I lay awake one night praying, with my husband asleep at my side. I was in a crisis period of my life, a time of personal despair.

Like many, I was questioning why I was on earth. I sincerely wanted to get closer to God, I needed His help, and feeling alone and unloved I desperately needed his divine unconditional love. I felt like my spirit was dying, and if God didn't come to my rescue, well I would die inside.

God must have opened my spiritual eyes and allowed me to see into the spiritual reality, because a divine being did visit me that night by my bedside. It came cloaked in a grey mist or cloud, talked to me; or rather to my inner spirit. The communication was a telepathic clear voice between the heavenly being and my inner spirit. Wow! I was and still am totally amazed, that my spirit has its own voice, it was clear yet not verbal. We were talking but I never opened my mouth. I want to call this spiritual being an Angel and just like in the Bible in Isaiah 6:6 the Angel touched my mouth with what I believe to be a piece of coal -- it actually clicked on my teeth.

I was awake during this experience, laying flat on my bed, on my back, face up yet unable to move anything but my eyes, kinda frozen in time. I saw only the bottom of his long light grayish robe, with blue circular stripes around its bottom. I saw feet, and sandals just like men wore in biblical times. I remember my face had a mild burning sensation for the following three days.

This happened when I was 43, I'm now 52. My personal life took a major turn for the best. I came to realize I'll never be alone, unloved, or unprotected. That everything happens for a much greater divine purpose. I have been a cheer leader for the Lord Jesus Christ, to the best of my ability, and always will be.

I feel my purpose on earth is to simply spread unconditional love in everyway possible to as many as God puts in my path. The Spiritual message to me was a simple one: that I was already forgiven of all sin, as soon as I repented and to give to everyone and everything unconditional love like God gives to all His creation.



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