A Near Death Experience, No. 188.

My Very Scary NDE.

At the age of 8 -- I went into a diabetic coma. Doctors said I would die if I didn't make it by 5pm -- and I woke up at 4:45pm -- I was alive. :-)

I spent the next 2 weeks in hospital as I was diagnosed with "juvenile diabetes". Anyways, I was getting better when one night while I was waiting for my parents to come and visit me -- I dosed off.

When I woke up...I saw a guy sitting at the end of my bed...couldn't see the face. I thought it was my dad so I said "Dad"...and he looked around. He was faceless!! The guy had NO FACE! I screamed. He got up and said to me "come with me" and put his hand forward. I was screaming and refused to go, but to my amazement...I was moving.

We both started flying and up we went. I realized I was up near the hospital roof and could see myself lying on the bed down below. Next thing...we were in a dark eerie place. I was standing in a que with a few people. Then someone pushed the two ladies in the front into a ball of fire. The guy who pushed them was so tall, dark and very scary. We moved to another que and 2 people were pushed to a BIG SHARK who started eating them. I saw big glasses breaking etc.

Then next thing I know is...I was back in the hospital roof. I could see lots of nurses and doctors around my body doing something...I started falling down...and in I went into my body!!

I still remember every single detail of it...20 years have gone, but nothing can delete that experience.



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