A Near Death Experience, No. 187.

NDE on Navy Ship.

During my time in the South Pacific, while in the Navy, I had a near death experience. Some of the details of where, when, and how, I would rather not go into. Instead I would rather focus on the actual experience because how it happened is a very complicated story.

Early on a Sunday afternoon I began to feel not well. It was kind of like you feel going into a bad cold or the flu and my stomach was upset too. We were actually in calm weather, with no waves at all so I knew it wasn't seasickness. I went up on the main deck to see if a breeze and fresh air would help. At the time I had no idea that I had unknowingly ingested a large quantity of a very poisonous material.

I went from being, not that bad, to extremely weak, couldn't move, my breathing and pulse were shutting down. My mind was still clear and I realized this was getting serious really quick. I couldn't do a thing but sit there and view an extremely beautiful bank of cumulus rain clouds billowing in the distance. Backlit by the sun it was real impressive.

I began to realize if I couldn't breathe I was going to die and I couldn't. I began to experience some fear and anxiety, wondering about several things in a short time span related to dying and being alone when I did. That's when the real experience began to unfold. That giant cloud with all the shafts of sunlight streaming through began to have people and beings coming out, standing among the clouds, watching me and waiting for my death I presumed.

Had several hard jolts when I realized I knew them and they knew me. I knew they had come to take me up. After several hundred or maybe a thousand came up, there was movement toward me from the center of all the sunrays. As it got closer I could see there were more people, and someone sitting on a throne and his face was shining like the sun. I did notice the actual sun was still behind the clouds producing the sunrays through the clouds and much higher than the individual on the throne who was now very near the water, about 100 feet above it.

To get a better idea of what was going on, and what I saw, I would like to tell you some of the details I managed to pick out. I was sitting there thinking how odd. I really didn't have that much discomfort and no pain, but I was sure by this point I was dying, and these people had come to bail me out of a bad situation.

The whole time this had been unfolding our ship had been slowly moving toward the big cloud and seemed to have an accelerating effect on the unfolding of the events I experienced. I have to tell you some things about the ones that had come to greet me. Some, but not all, had angel's wings. About five of the ones with wings were fourteen feet tall! They weren't all together. They were scattered throughout the original group. There were another two that were about ten or twelve feet tall and looked a lot alike. They came with the individual on the throne. (Over the course of the next several years I probably ran into these two beings another two or three times. Apparently these two got assigned to keeping me out of more trouble.)

About a fourth to a third of the entire group was armed, and many had partial armor, no one seemed to have a full set of armor. All the arms were either spears or swords, some had medieval style shields. No one had clothing newer than the medeival period except one...my granddad. Up to the moment of seeing my grandfather I was being pretty calm inside. When I saw him I realized I would probably go with them. I knew what that meant. He had fallen dead at my feet of a heart attack when I was 5 years old.

Also up to that moment, I believed somewhere in the back of my mind I was having some kind of hallucination, and I would eventually come out of it. Now, I had the realization that it was really happening. I could still barely manage to blink or squint and when I did the scene stayed continous. It didn"t change like it would if it had been my imagination.

At this point I really got scared, I'm beginning to wonder who was this that I'm getting so willing to give up my life and go with.

The one on the throne turned to someone off to his side, and that individual began to make his way down the remaining clouds, and walked down through the air to the deck of the ship. This person was not too tall, young, about my age, and built not real heavy. When he took the step that put him on the ship it felt like I, all of a sudden, had several hundred pounds of weight on my chest. I completely quit breathing and I swear it seemed like the ship went down a foot deeper in the water.

It was at that point someone alive, and at the time, I thought a member of the crew, came around the corner, said my name, and asked if I thought I was going to make it. I looked a glance at him and said "no, no, it really was not looking too good for that". I really don't know where I got the strength to say that. But it was like a turning point. I can only assume it was a blast of adrenaline that pulled me out of this. The person the one on the throne had sent, had only been about 10 steps away and when I looked back they all were gone.

I later realized the person that talked to me, and unknowingly helped me pull out, looked like a seven or so year older version of the kid walking down the deck of the ship. I also realized I didn't recognize that guy. I thought I knew, at least by sight, most of the 600 guys on the ship. I spent some time trying to track him down to maybe thank him, and out of curiosity. Never did find him. Not the end, but all for now. I later thought to look at the ships log and see if anything unusual had been logged that day and there were no entries out of the ordinary.


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