A Near Death Experience, No. 185.

Not A Dream.

When I was in the 5th grade I was taken to the hospital with difficulty in breathing. I spent nearly 2 weeks in ICU. I found out that I had a severe asthma attack with pneumonia and a couple of other things wrong as well.

I was just a kid then. I remember still to this day about something that happened to me, but I was told back then it was just a dream. I remember walking down a path, and on both sides lined with flowers. The color was so pure and alive it seemed. I came to what was like a stream or brook with a wooden bridge going across it. On the other side was nothing but white light. I heard a voice say "no, not yet," and the next thing I remembered was opening my eyes to see my parents and the doctors and nurses standing beside my bed.

It wasn't until after I got out of the hospital did I find out that I had stopped breathing in ICU. I told my parents what happened but they dismissed it as a dream. I know that it was not. The years proceeding I have had many things happen to me.

Before my grandmother passed away in December of 1999, I had a conversation with her and I asked her to tell grandpa hi when she talked with him next. I also told her that I knew her time was coming to a close and it was alright to go home where she belonged. My grandma looked at me and asked how I knew grandpa had been there. He had been dead for 20 some years. He died when I was 9 years old. I am 34 years old to date. Anyhow I told her I didn't know for sure how I knew, I just did.

On Wednsday December 15, 1999 I pulled my parents out to the porch and told them that grandma would not live past Sunday December 19, 1999. My Dad just kind of dismissed it. On Thursday December 16, 1999 my grandma fell in her bedroom. She ended up in the hospital and received stitches to her forehead. She died on Sunday, December 19, 1999 around 9 pm.

I sometimes felt that maybe I brought it on or something, but I found out two weeks later as I was driving down the road that it was her time. The funny thing was I don't remember the drive, just what I saw. I saw my grandmother and grandfather dressed in white and very happy and healthy. I knew right then that they were in heaven.

My aunt which was my dad's brother's wife was told she had ovarion cancer but they could do surgery to remove it. I told my folks shortly after her surgery that she would not make it much longer. They probably thought I was crazy, but they listened, but I don't think they believed me. Three months to the exact day my grandma died, my aunt died due to a blood clot passing through the heart. Dec. 19, 1999 for my grandma and March 19, 2000 for my aunt, both on a Sunday.

I sometimes get feelings that I really can't explain and wonder what if anything they might be.

May God be with us all. Love always first no matter what.



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