A Near Death Experience, No. 184.

Seeing the Light.

When I was 16, I had a dream that I was in a car accident, and I went through a car windscreen, everything went black and I woke up!

I thought wow! What a bad dream, am I glad I woke up, as I must have died?

Well, 3 weeks later I was at home and my brother came to me and said "John is at the door and he wants you to go with him now to get a car!"

Moments before I had found one of my Tarot cards on the floor and before I turned it over I knew it was the death card!

Bad vibes came, and when John came to the door, I knew it was going down fast! John was a car thief!

I pleaded with my brother to tell John to go, as I was not in, or something. But he was adamant that I should go with John. I went but I was not happy.

Well, we found a car he had stole earlier, and went for a joy ride to see if we could burgle someone's house. Yes, I was bad then, and always felt depressed and evil, as though the world owed me everything. I was lost in hatred of myself and the world.

I guess I was a bit crazy. We found a place to rob and got inside when the owners arrived so we ran to the car and drove away very fast. We were going around a corner and I said "put your foot down."

Earlier, however, when I ran to the car to get in, I had felt strange. I felt that I should not get into the car, and I felt very afraid and alone, in fact I felt as though I was outside myself standing next to a person who just acted on instinct. I fought my way back into my body and forced myself to open the back door and get in the back. I knew what was going to happen.

Well, guess what, it was locked, and for the life of me, I couldn't open it. I was kicked out of my body and it got into the car.

We crashed into a parked car, luckily no one was in it. But I flew threw the windowscreen, and into the darkness I saw in my dream.

I drifted about for God knows how long, then I saw a circle of pure yellowish light ahead of me, I thought "where am I, am I dead or what?"

I drifted towards the light, and stopped a way from it, as I saw three figures in front of it.

I couldn't see their faces as they were dark against the bright circle of light, but I knew the one in the middle was the leader as he was the tallest.

I thought about my life, and what had happened to me, and I felt cheated. I felt as though I had cheated all those who had known me, and were my family, I felt bad.

"Can I go back, and I will change. I will go back and turn my miserable life around."

I felt free from all the hate, and the negative vibes that I had collected on earth.

So, they said to me, in my mind, "Yes, ok, you can return to your life and help others. Tell them of your life and death. Tell them it's never too late."

So I came back to myself into my body, God knows how, but I wished I hadn't. When I opened my eyes, I was partially blind and bleeding to death in agony.

I mended and slowly recovered. I felt as though I was re-born, not in a religious way, but re-born without any hate or negative vibes as though I was healed in my mind as well as my body.

Then I saw spirits around me, glimpses at first, then more and more. They told me messages to tell people -- good positive spirits.

I am glad I lived to tell you this, I hope you are given hope by my experience, and that I have given you light in a dark world.



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