A Near Death Experience, No. 183.

NDEs and the White Light.

One other thing though. How does someone become as curious about this stuff as me?

Well, you have to experience this (NDE) for a few minutes. That is when any smug and simplified outlook on life evaporates very quickly. And some buried inner feeling that you kind of knew this all along, which your trained and all too caged mental perspective, kept you from really believing in. And then? You start thinking on your own. Any smug arrogance on what is real is the only thing which died when you did. If you're lucky that is.

How does it feel? Been a while for me.
I'll give you bite size pieces of it.


It feels realer than anything you ever felt before in your short life here.

You're aware of the state and that you're supposed to be dead. You're also aware, that you're not.

Seems very natural to be composed of pure thought since you see reality itself is.

You also feel more alive than you ever did on your best day when you were encased in a physical body. That body never felt like a prison before, but now it does.

You know/sense you're immortal. What you are can't die anymore than a number can be wiped out.

You feel free, warm, and happy to be back in your natural state. You sense that you existed long before you entered your human body.

It isn't, your body was born, your soul grew with it and you were released with death from it, nope, you did this many times before.

You earned your way to becoming a human and climbed a long, long ladder of life. Many deaths and many lives. All contributing to what you're still becoming.

Nothing you ever felt in this life can match the white light. It's alive with an indescribable love. And you're part of it, always were.

This place you sense is where all places originate from. You're back to the heart of reality.


There is no denial of death, you're more alive without a brain telling you what you can think and how well.

But you know the world served a purpose. It was there where your individuality could develop.

Where you could be your own person.

Where you could get away from knowing God is right over your shoulder.

You forgot about being a soul to develop character and inner spiritual strength with hardship down here. This place wasn't intended to be a joy trip, but we strive to make it so [a good thing]. Just one of the challenges we set up for ourselves to spiritually grow with personal experience. Personal experience is best way souls grow. They crave it like bodies crave food and sex.



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