A Near Death Experience, No. 181.

More Multiple Experiences.

In the mid 90's, I lived in an apartment that was somewhat in the middle of town, and one night a friend of mine and I rode our bikes into a park to watch the sunset, and how the light hit the leaves on the trees.

As I was riding, I was paying attention to the sky, the awesome blues, purples, reds, yellows, and oranges. After we had turned into the park I looked at the leaves and how beautiful the colors were hitting them. That's when a car hit the back of my bicycle and I was thrown about a 100 feet, landing on my head.

I was unconscious for a bit, came to just to see some police and paramedics, and my friend, but I couldn't remember his name or how he was related to me. I lost consciousness again, this time I came to a couple days later and saw white all around me. I couldn't recognize it, but that's when a nurse came in and said I'd been unconscious two days, and when she asked if I knew where I was, I shook my head slightly to the negative. Then she asked me if I knew my name. I tried to remember but couldn't.

I guess I started to cry because she brought some tissues over, and said that my friend had said my name was Cindy, but didn't give my last name. She then said for me not to worry because this hospital was one of the best in town, and would do everything possible to help me. Then she said I should close my eyes and get some sleep.

I closed my eyes, but I was trying to remember, and started to wonder if I was going to die this time. That's when I heard God's voice saying don't worry, you're not going to die this time, I'll give you what you want. I fell asleep then and woke up. I think it was the next day. Maybe another two, that they started bringing me to therapy downstairs and a week after that I was sent over to a long term facility, a nursing home.

I was still in a wheel chair when up, but mostly kept in bed. They told me to never try to get out of the bed unless I rang the bell and a nurse was there to put me in the wheel chair, take me out of it to put me on the toilet, back to the chair and back to bed. I found out I had been in the hospital 10 days and went there because the hospital had to many patients and all long-terms were sent there.

I really felt bad when she left the room, kinda like this was the future for me and I didn't like it. After my daughter had come in with her aunt, and told me she loved me and wanted me to see her graduate from elementary school, and then her aunt took her home I felt like something deep inside of me exploded and the force was coming up with it.

I saw the light again and quickly said "Daddy, I know You said I won't die this time, but I don't want to be here like this for the rest of my life." He asked me what I wanted and I told Him I wanted to be there no more than a month. He said ok, and I woke up in the room again.

I went to therapy the next day and got the walker I asked for when I told him I wanted to start walking again, and leave the nursing home in 10 days. He said I couldn't, but if I used the walker I might get out in two to five years.

I said I was getting out in 10 days, and he said he'd bet me a soda that I wouldn't. I told him I'd remind him. When I left therapy they made me remain in the chair, but I was allowed to keep the walker with me. I know the nurses and therapist said for me not to try using it on my own, but I did anyways. I went to the bathroom first, then walked around my room, and into the hall. The nurses threw a fit, but I kept doing that.

Finally the therapist gave me a cane, and I did leave exactly when God and I had said.



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