A Near Death Experience, No. 176.

NDE Healing Experience.

In early May, 1991, I went over the handle bars of a bicycle landing on my head and shoulder. The doctors at a nearby hospital told me I would be mentally and physically disabled for the rest of my life. When I told them I would heal perfectly, they smiled condescendingly and wished me good luck.

Fortunately, I had read 10-15 books on mind/body healing prior to the incident. I decided to use the knowledge for my own healing. It took 14 months for physical healing (complete use of the shoulder) and another 8 years for mental/emotional healing. I now have more human functionality than I have ever had.

My experience of death is as follows:

I perceived myself to be floating with some unperceived current backwards down the tunnel watching life fade to a small dot of light; at that point, I felt the warmest, most comfortable energy total encompass me; it was white/yellow in color. At that moment, I realized I had a choice -- keep going to the energy or take it back into life with me. I chose the later and immediately came back to life and began going into a coma. As soon as I said I wanted to be healthy, I came out of the coma, got up and walked in circles rubbing my head.

I rode the bicycle about 1/4 mile to my friend's house, he drove me home, I did a prayer asking if I could safely sleep after the head injury; the answer came back yes; I slept 3 hours and then went to the hospital for diagnostic services.

At the hospital, they told me that I had destroyed the rotator cuff in my left shoulder and sheared 40% of the tissues that hold the brain in place. I experienced my brain moving (sloshing) within the skull.

Until an acupuncture treatment 3 days later, I could not raise my left arm to put on a t-shirt without excruciating pain. After the acupuncture treatment, I had a fair degree of movement with the left arm.

Every day I did arm rotation exercises with a gallon of vegetable oil in my left hand. After nine months, I was able to do two, one arm push-ups with the left arm. From there, I got up to 20 one arm push-ups.

Since that time I have accepted as my purpose in life to facilitate a transformation from fear, and self service, to joy and service to others.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience with others.

Best wishes to all who read this for a life filled with joy, love, health, and wealth.

David H. Markey


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