A Near Death Experience, No. 175.

My Near Death Experience.

I had a near-death experience in 1985. I was 30-years-old. This experience changed my understanding of people immensely. It has changed how I look at people and how I relate to people. I can do some strange and interesting things. More on that later.

It was summertime. I was alone in a lake, just floating around while wearing a life jacket. What could go wrong?

I saw a rope running from the dock to under the water. It was at about a 30% angle. I decided to pull myself underwater with it to take a look around. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I pulled myself down along the rope. I saw that it was attached to a concrete ball about the size of a large pumpkin. I was about 12 feet underwater. It was time to go up for air. Suddenly, my buoyancy combined with the upward force of the life jacket, plus my pulling on the rope caused the concrete weight to jump up a couple of feet. I released the rope. The weight went back down.

The rope went back down with the weight. It also caught on my life jacket. I was being held down. I looked up. I was at least three feet under the surface of the water and I was already overdue for more air, having been underwater for more than a minute. My feet weren’t touching the bottom. I was in trouble and I was alone.

I knew that I was going to die. I thought to myself “So this is how my life is going to end. I am going to drown. And somebody will eventually find me down here like this—all tangled up.”

At that moment, I accepted death. I was calm and peaceful. I was determined, however, to hold my breath as long as I could. To get as many extra moments of life as I could. It wouldn’t be much longer. I released air from my lungs a little bit to release the pressure.

I thought, regretfully, of the people that I was leaving behind. Then, to my surprise, images flashed in my mind of departed relatives. Great aunts. Great uncles. Some of them I hadn’t thought of for over 20 years. Then, even more strangely, my spirit brightened like a giant light bulb, and the me part of me (the part that speaks to people and is aware of itself) began to move out of my physical body. I was leaving before my body was even dead. That surprised me. I didn’t know that that was even a possibility.

Images of the high points of my life and what I had accomplished as a person popped into my mind. I had accomplished a lot less of lasting value with my life than I had thought. Just three or four meaningful things and these meaningful things only I remembered; nothing that was a lasting legacy.

Then, I had more of a thought discussion. The words and images erupted in my mind. I am not sure to this date what it was, with or even whom. It was more an argument really. Seeing how little I had actually accomplished with my life I wanted to do more here. I didn’t want to die. Being caught under water like I was, I knew that I was going to die and soon.

I understood from the sense of the conversation that I and all of us are here to learn more and love more.

I hadn’t been thrashing around, just was hanging there waiting for death. The rope then jerked. I moved up. My mouth just barely broke the surface. I got air. I thought, “Great, I am going to be alive for just a little longer.” The waves on the lake made me keep my mouth mostly closed and it was difficult to get any real amount of air. At least I was getting some air. Nobody knew that I was at the lake. I wasn’t expecting a rescue and it was going to be dark soon. I wasn’t sure how long that I could last, still being held down and slowly going short of air. My mouth, remember, was just breaking the surface. And I was able to take only short, sudden breaths.

I very slowly and carefully felt along the rope to try to release it. I was concerned that any movement would take me just under the surface and then it would be over.

The rope finally came free. And since then I’ve always made sure I’ve always had plenty of air.

What are the implications of my experience?

A part of us does exist beyond our physical body.

The spiritual talents that I have and show to people were always within me. All of us use some of these talents part of the time. We should do more.

Learn more…love more. This is what I learned from my conversation with whatever it was that I was communicating with.

The quality of our being affects each other and us more than most people can even imagine. Our attitudes, emotions and even thoughts “jump” around from person to person.

What makes me different?

I can see people’s spirits/auras/whatever you want to call it. I can touch their spirits and this contact is felt. I can feel people’s emotional states. And I can make things happen with the intensity of my being. There is more, but this is what makes sense to most people.

My talents are accurate, repeatable and measurable. These talents have changed skeptics into believers and have deepened the faiths of others.

Contact me if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’ll tell you about you. Your quality of person, what special talents that you might possess (and should be developing) and how much personal power that you currently have in your environment.

Important note: You must be in my physical presence for this to work. I compare what I see with what I both intuit and feel. I rely on all of my talents to help people. Anything less would be guessing. And I'm not comfortable with guessing.

Roger Steinbronn


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