A Near Death Experience, No. 163.

Cradled in Pure Love.

The seizures were horrible and painful. An EMT was holding my hand and speaking in a kind tone, I don't know what he was saying. I shot him a crooked grin of attempted reassurance. He fed an IV needle into my left arm. I'd already jerked and ripped the needle through the vein in my right arm. He'd had to apply a compression dressing to stop the bleeding.

As the new needle fed into my body I felt it burning like fire up my arm. A wash of heat shot over me, an unbearable itching sprang up on my neck, and spread all over my body. I panicked as my airway began to close up and my tongue to swell. A blood vessel in my eye burst and tears of blood streamed down my face as I struggled to breathe. Racked with seizure though conscious, my blood was like flame in my veins. Finally, soothing darkness embraced me to its bosom.

I suddenly felt an incredible lightness of self, as if my mind were full of helium and was floating through the top of my head. Then I WAS mind. All pain was lifted from me. I shot through a long tunnel, wind whistling through my self. I splashed into a glorious fountain. It was full of beautiful people of all ages flushed in the glory of perfect youth. They were playing and laughing with all consuming joy. The music of every song ever written and to be written throbbed through the fire of my being. I had thirsted and was quenched. I felt as if cradled in pure love. I felt safer than I had as a babe in my mother's arms.

Abruptly, I was torn from my place in the fountain. I heard a single word spoken, "Clear!" Pain surged through my chest. I inhaled and the air felt like acid. I longed to breathe of the fountain but raggedly my body continued to breathe.



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