A Near Death Experience, No. 159.

Pushed to Hard.

I pushed to hard with my first child, and pushed everything out. They had trouble with bleeding and putting my uterus along with other internal organs back in, lost a lot of blood. Was totally torn. Had a lot of stitches. Was knocked out with anesthesia.

I remember a loud sound and a long, colorful tunnel, and traveling down it fast. At the end was a discussion about my life, and how I should live it, and what I wanted to do.

The next thing, I came around in recovery, sick and extremely cold with transfusions going. I know this is not much, but things have changed so much in my life, maybe I am just to open to the belief.

Would love to talk to others who have had such experiences, who do not think I am crazy, and just out in left field.

Cindy Lee.


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