A Near Death Experience, No. 156.


Hi, I'm Brandi, and on January 11, I had a near death experience.

I had been feeling sick all that week and finally went to get help. They wrote me a prescription and sent me home. All that day I felt like something was going to happen to me. I was scared I was going to die...it bothered me so much that I tried hard to stay awake. My husband was there and was worried as well. I had a viral infection and my temperature was up there.

When we could no longer stay awake, the lights were turned off, and immediately I saw this brilliant blue glowing light. It appeared to be coming from behind me somewhere. I remember wanting to turn and see where it came from but I couldn't. I asked my husband about it and he said he didn't see it but I'm sure it was there....no doubt.

I felt peaceful and loved being bathed in this blue light. It was during this time that I started hearing what sounded like a choir singing. It was beautiful music. I remember looking up at the ceiling and it somehow changed....it wasn't our ceiling anymore, it was as if the sky was above us, and I could see the entire universe. My words will never be enough to describe the beauty I saw that night. It was all amazing, and love was everywere.

I was so worried that my husband comforted me by saying: "no one will take you while I've got ahold of you." That made me feel better, but by this time I was so caught up in the way I felt...almost like I was floating and the peace, love and comfort is indescribable. I was happy with this feeling and remembering I wanted to say something to my husband so I floated beside him and said "don't forget me" and once the words were out of my mouth, I felt sudden and complete panic.

Suddenly, I thought about my family and how it would effect them, and then all at once I was back, and grabbed ahold of my husband's shirt. I yelled for him to turn on the light. even after he did I saw a strange mist-like fog in the room for many seconds.

I cried and held on to him. Yes, I could feel how much he loved me and I wanted others to know that when we die there is something out there. I call him GOD, but it doesn't matter what you call Him as long as you love the Allmighty because I got the feeling that He loves us as His children. He forgives us and He wants us to love each other.



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