A Near Death Experience, No. 142.

Feeling of Love.

I was seven with the measles and a high temperature. My fever got so high that my heart stopped. I floated out of my body, the whole experience was peaceful and beautiful. I had the best feeling of love!

Then I went to a hillside where there was a man and woman, it was like a European mountain side! I could feel the love between these two and was sure that one of them was me, but couldn't understand which one was me, but I could feel the love between them!

I then went to this beautiful garden and I was just taking it all in when I came back. I learned later that I was put into a bathtub of cold water by my mother at the advice of the doctor, this restarted my heart.

I remember all this in detail and it happened thirty-nine years ago! Before that I remember the moment that I came to inhabit this body! I have memories of something that is history dated that I found out later in life happened two years before I was born! There's more details but I'm condensing! Thanks, just wanted to share my experience!



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