A Near Death Experience, No. 138.

Not a NDE, a Letter.

Dear Leroy Kattein,

Thank you for creating this wonderful website. Last night, at around three or four o'clock in the morning, I was at my wit's end. I had been awake all night with my panic, and on top of that, some sort of "tummy bug," making me feel really ill. I am a teen-age girl whose Dad died a few years ago, and the sadness of my bereavement has caused me to suffer from depression.

Last night, I felt life was hopeless. I was considering suicide. In desperation, I searched the internet for answers, or anything that could relieve my anxiety, but all I found was sites that made me feel even worse, "never-mind-it's-not-your-fault" bereavement sites that say they are for teenagers, but treat their visitors like small children and holier-than-thou, Bible bashing Christian sites.

Then I found your site. Your words made me feel special and loved again, through your simple, straightforward explanations (no mysterious mysticism here) and sheer, solid scientific evidence. It gave me hope for my soul, for my future. I have never had any particular religious beliefs, but your website has shown me our true nature as Children Of God. I felt so comforted that I actually cried. I downloaded your Affirmations, and I decided to try your method to clear up the last dregs of my depression. Now, I'm sitting in my room, playing on my computer, feeling normal again.

Thank you for saving my life,
Love Anon *^_^*

(p.s, as for that tummy bug, it was probably caused by a badly cooked hot dog, and it'll only last a few days!)

The young lady was not helped by me, but by learning the truth of our spiritual nature as shown by Near Death Experiences. When I received this letter I was very happy to learn about the comfort she received from reading material on NDEs, but saddened by the dilemma of other choices she found available. Society now seems to be sending confusing, conflicting information to our children about their origin and nature.

On the one hand, most of our (not all) Religious establishments teach we were created by a God who loves us, but requires worship, obedience, and absolute loyalty. Otherwise this God will severely harm us, casting our souls into hell for an eternity of pain and suffering. (Hardly the image of a loving father.)

While on the other hand, most of our (not all) Educational establishments teach we were created by a chance meeting of chemicals. An accident, no divine origin, no superior intelligence. That would make us the greatest intelligence (mercy) on planet Earth.

The Religious establishment gives us a reason and purpose for life, avoiding pain, while the Educational establishment gives no reason or purpose for life. We have to find some meaning for ourselves. Both versions are taught as if they were truth, yet neither of these conflicting theories can be proven, not even a little. Also they are fading, people are leaving the churches and many educators are no longer "satisfied" with the logic of evolution, nothing really new being discovered in many years.

Now look at the Near Death Experience. Here we find meaning and purpose to life. Here we find proof, scientific proof. But most of all we find truth, honesty, integrity, and love. Real unconditional love, that only a divine intelligence could possess and freely give. Mankind is at the crossroads, our children are confused. It has never been more important for us know about our real spiritual nature. If you have had a spiritual/NDE experience and can help by building a web site, please do so. I have written below a guide called "Spiritual CPR," a small writing that may help in gaining knowledge of ourselves.


C: Compassion

Compassion is a deep awareness of the feelings of others. Empathy, but not pity, of the human condition. A caring, loving, forgiving, non-judgemental attitude. It is holding the hand of a child during a thunderstorm, as well as "being there" for an octogenarian at the moment of death. Show compassion to everyone you meet, it is the breath of our Creator.

P: Patience

Patience is endurance. Standing by others in their time of greatest need. It's tolerance and humility, most needed to learn the wisdom of: "it's the darkest just before the light." Learn to be patient with others, giving them the slack they need to grow and learn, as others have done for you. Remember we are all children of God, worthy of His light and love.

R: Responsibility

Responsibility is accepting the consequences of our life choices, both the good ones and the bad. It's truth, honesty, and integrity in all our thoughts. Making mistakes is a normal part of the learning process. Owning and correcting those mistakes leads to wisdom. Learn, teach and accept accountability in all your actions. Never fail to "walk your talk."

I would like to think that this site "raises the bar" on NDE research from gathering, organizing, and distributing data, to applying that data in real life events. It is time to use what we have learned from Near Death Experiences to make this world a better place to live and raise our children.

There is a point in your future when you will slide beyond all beliefs and watch them melt into the light leaving behind only the purest love which is what you really are. Revel in it.


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