A Near Death Experience, No. 136.

Remember the Singing.

I had a NDE experience at the age of 3 or 4. I had slipped into a coma with spinal meningitis. I remember walking up to a group of people singing. They turned to see me and their singing became even more joyous and the loudest... so loud my eardrums would have burst, but they didn't. I remember being picked up by someone, a man, who said I needed to go back. I didn't want to but I knew he was right.

To this day I remember the singing... the powerful and harmonious music. It would take a crowd of 5000 singing to achieve this magnitude of strength that this small group of about 10-12 showed.

What is uncanny is my abilities to "feel" other people now. I have partial hearing but my ability to play music by ear is prodigious. I just "know" things about people I've just met. Many other things so hard to explain are an intrinsic part of me... are me!

I tend to overwhelm people sometimes with the things I burst out saying, not knowing why I said them. I later find out that I was so very accurate it scared them to pieces.



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