A Near Death Experience, No. 135.

Rewinding Life.

My NDE was during a suicide attempt about 8 years ago.

I can't remember any tunnel or seeing God or anything, but what I remember most was rewinding very fast back through my life. I felt every emotion that was connected to each individual experience in its entirety. It ground to a violent halt at the age of five. That was a time when I was in a car accident that was basically my father's fault. As I came around from the NDE, I was repeating: "He didn't mean it, he didn't mean it," over and over.

I now believe that the process of dying is connected with what happened to me. There's a huge rewind of all that one has experienced in full Technicolor that's highly emotional charged as part of its purpose.

This isn't the only spiritual experience I've had, but it certainly was weird at the time.

Regards, T.


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