A Near Death Experience, No. 134.

Learn Patience.

I had a heart attack, I went to another place.

It was like a room, but there were no walls or floor. I was sitting down in a chair and I had wings. There was a table in front of me, and there were three men talking about me. The one in the middle was the wise one, you could feel his kindness and goodness. The two on the side of him were upset with me and were saying things about me. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they sounded mad. I was sure they were going to sent me to hell. To my left there was a big stairway, going straight up through the clouds. Thousands of people were going up, I knew they were all dead, they had no expression on their faces, they just walked straight up. There was angels flying over head. Kinda of a busy place.

I kept wondering were I was going. Finally "The Wise One" in the middle, the one with the beautiful white aura, came and sat next to me. He started by telling me that I was a lot better person than I thought I was. I was so relieved. He told me I was going back, because there was something that I have to learn. I ask him what? He said that I had to learn patience. Patience? I didn't understand. He said it was very important for me to learn this and he said he sent me a teacher. I ask him who was my teacher and he said John. John is my husband. I couldn't believe this for he is layed back, it irritates me.

I can't even try to describe the feeling of complete peace, and everything is about you, nobody else. It's a feeling I'll never forget. I'll no longer fear death because it was beautiful, no pain, no illness, no heart attack pain.

Then I woke up with this chest pain, and doctors and nurses massaging my body. Asking me my name, and my date of birth. I have since learned the meaning of patience, and I hope I'm doing it right because the other two men up there that didn't want me to come back, are just waiting for me to mess up.



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