A Near Death Experience, No. 123.

Meeting One.

Hi Leroy: I read your article about near-death experience and I have to tell you that for the short space the answers were very precise and clear. I mean from my point of view.

My name is M.R.; I am from New York. My first language is Spanish. I will try my best to make my story the most understandable possible.

Almost nine years ago, I had I think was a NDE. Happens that I suffer from stuffing nose and dyspnea. Things that affect my breathing while sleeping. Well I remember that early morning, I awoke gasping for air but my nose was clog likewise was my throat. The sensation I felt was like having my trachea locked. No oxygen could get into my lungs. It was horrible; I still was half-asleep and began to extend my arms through the walls scratching them in intent of my body trying to find the way to breathe again. Was in vain, after all that struggling to avoid being taken for a force so powerful I was just remember being sucked by something as a huge vacuum that detached my life from my body. The experience is horrible when you are awake and dying by asphyxia you are weak but there is the feeling that you are losing your physical life. And then I knew I was taken by this enormous energy at a super velocity that I couldn't avoid, resist I was gone.

Then you feel going faster inside something that you cannot really explain with the adequate words. It is so fast that I cannot say it was a tunnel, I just can say that you in whatever existence you are transformed, this force takes you with such power that you only feel the sensation that you are going to a force that is claiming you. Yes you belong to it. I call it One. Then you know that you have left your body because once you are out of it. I saw down at my body and could see how my arms were stiff with the last movements I made while gasping for air. I couldn't understand how I was capable of seeing me and at the same time continue being taken by this force. Then I or whatever is you when you do not have body but seem to be existing in another plane. I was like in other dimension where everything was obscure. Then I heard a voice that I cannot say if it was a voice from a man or a woman, but was a peaceful one and told me; "do not be afraid".

At that moment I did not see anything, no one, any light. I just felt in such a joyful state of peace, no weight, I was transformed from physical body to just sensations; happiness, an enormous feeling of peace and love. Suddenly my sense of me went to another level, this time I saw that big or huge white mass and while getting closer to enter into it I began to feel that inexplicable sensation of being bathed in a beautiful warm and lovely light. You are just drawn to that irresistible mass of love. For me it was my contact with that Higher Divinity. I felt so good, so light, suddenly realized that I was free, surrounded by the most beautiful source of love. I couldn't believe that at the same time I was wondering how could I be conscious of what was happening if I am supposed to be dead. And I was getting closer to that white mass, suddenly my living force was sent back to my body. It was a small amount of oxygen getting back inside my body through one of nostrils that was slightly open. Then when the life force entered my body, I screamed "Padre", in English "Father". At that time I started coughing and my body was cold and shaking.

My niece who was in the bathroom when heard me screaming "Padre" so loud and coughing, she went to my room to see what was happening to me. I could hardly speak to her. I continue coughing and crying.

I told her, "G. I think that I died". She hugged me and look at me in astonishment. She gave me some water to clear my throat. When I felt calmer and the temperature of my body become normal; I explained to her still crying what I felt happened to me. She was afraid because in my face was the expression of someone that has gone through an unexplainable experience. She embraced me and cried with me.

Well since then my life changed completely. You are suddenly lit up from inside, and this illumination makes you more aware in how to understand what real love is, how deep we can go in trying to understand what death really means. How we must find why are we were returned to the physical dimension. Now I do not fear death or the fact that we have to go to other planes of existence. And I agreed with you in saying that you live with the sensation that someone is with you in the form of thoughts. I call that presence One. Because from that experience I learned that all humans are One connected to the principal One the "High Divinity or Higher Force". Sometimes I feel alone because many people say that I am crazy when I tell them my story. Others find it interesting and believe that maybe after all NDE is happening.

My way of thinking is every day evolving from knowledge to wisdom. There is a mind hungry all the time trying to understand things that before I wasn't aware of. I have the feeling that when I returned from that dimension called death something else entered into my body. And this thing guides me and teaches me by challenging my old way of understanding life, explaining me about how we can continue in the learning of what dimension is the real one or how both are complemented. I was always wondering how can a world like this continue existing with all that unfairness, humans divided due to continue stuck in their ancient beliefs. I was always vulnerable to the pain of the world, to its ignorance at all levels. Factors that I consider the culprits among others who continue being an obstacle for Planet Earth to evolve with the guide of One or the Higher Force. When I see people suffering or that I know that they are sick. I can't control asking "Are you in pain? Do you feel sick"? And there is the desire in me to embrace the person and transmit my love to them. Or I feel if I can just reach some part of their body or something that is close to them I can send positive vibrations of love that will ease their pain, illness or sadness. I can go on and on with the changes I continue seeing in my life. But at some point I feel that I do not belong to this dimension, and feel alone. Because I think that I am already dead or that I without wanting for it was taken to one of the most debatable mystery of life entering the other dimension where we are thoughts and emotions.

I receive so much data from "One" my companion from the other dimension that I feel like a torrent of energy greater that the capacity of my small body to handle. I sense that the High Force is so close to me that I begin to cry and then my body is drawn to a state of peace where I just fell asleep. For me it is like while I am in that state I am taken to places that later I cannot remember very well. Now I am more used to the presence of this Higher Force and I know when ONE sends for me. It requires too much discipline, practice to understand the changes in your life the way you begin to think. I wonder if we are living in an illusion or everything revolves around the mind; and there in the mind is the key to open The Pandora Box and finding the answer for the real truth.

For now I have to go. If you have read so far my story, thank you very much for allowing my soul to speak.

I wish I could contact those other beings who like me are out there watching and bringing our humble light to illuminate those who want to learn that this world evolves and evolves without they having a notion of how One makes the magic.

This site is so amazing covering all those questions, doubts with such domain that it has helped me to put in words what I have gone through and the logic in some answers are very good!

Thanks. Continue giving us light to see where wisdom is hide!



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