A Near Death Experience, No. 121.


January 1985, I went to the Doctor with 60 over, "I can't find it," blood pressure. I had had strep throat and it had caused endocarditis. I was born with a hole in my heart which didn't help my situation. The Doctor immediately admitted me to the hospital. They couldn't figure out what was wrong, so they took me off all antibiotics to get a correct culture.

I knew I was slipping away. The pastor and his wife came to the hospital and prayed with my husband. His wife seemed to know how close I was to death. I could sense it. They all left the room.

I found myself standing on what seemed a sort of concrete block in front of what seemed an opening to a tunnel. I was not allowed in the tunnel. Behind me and to each side, it was utter darkness, so dark that one cannot imagine...I knew I would be in the darkness if I fell off the "concrete block" upon which I stood. I was allowed to look inside the tunnel. It was gray in color and it had twinkling lights inside. Possibly the ministering lights spoken of in Ezekiel.

I saw darkness for an instant and smelled the odor of flowers. Like the sickening smell of flowers at a funeral! I thought I was dead. Instead, when I opened my eyes, there was an arrangement of flowers setting practically under my nose on the food tray!!!

I grew from this because it only confirmed what I already knew, that this flesh is gone almost in an instant, but our spirit lives on forever. It increased my faith.

Thanks, Fish


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