A Near Death Experience, No. 120.

The Privilege of Living.

This is all about My Near Death Experiences.

It all happened 9 years ago. I became very ill, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disease, called TTP. I was put on a life support system, to keep me alive. My children were told it just was a matter of time. Everything basically shut down.

That was when it happened, somehow I was looking down on my body, wondering why is everyone standing all around that person on the bed. Not realizing that person was me, Joy. The body that I saw, I did not think was me. It sure did not look like me at all. So I wandered off into the hallway, not forgetting the room number I was in. In which, I know now was an out of body experience.

But you know, while I was out in the hallway, all of a sudden, I was sitting in my brother's car in the town he lives in. He got into his vehicle, started to drive, when I said to him, "Ken I'm talking to you, why don't you answer me." He looked towards me, I thought, but didn't answer. I couldn't understand that. What was wrong. I ended up back in the hospital again... not wanting to really go back into that body that I didn't know was mine.

You see, I was in a coma for about 3 weeks or so. The doctors did not expect me to come out of it. And if I did, they told my children, I would be a vegetable and never be able to walk again.

It happened again, another cardiac arrest, this time I remember walking down the pathway with pictures in my left arm, the photographs, my kids had put on the wall in the intensive care unit I was in. The most overwhelming light you could ever imagine came in front of me, oh so beautiful... and comforting. Then there was the most beautiful spirit in which I thought was GOD or an angel, I completely felt so free and light. All I had to do was take one more step into this beautiful horizon, the grass was much greener than here on earth, the flowers were so vibrant, and the smell was overwhelming too. But I know I was there. All I had to do was take one step into that beautiful place beyond. Something stopped me. "I can't," I said, "I have to get back, to be there for my family." I remember turning around, and there I was in my body again.

A few days after I was out of the coma, I was told that my older sister, Donna, had unoperable cancer. Nine tumors in her head. She died 2 months later, after I came out of the hospital. I was in the hospital for 3 months.

Remember when I said that I was in my brother's car earlier, well at my sisters funeral, Ken my brother mentioned to me, "Joy, I was going to work one day, got into my car, and I could have sworn you were sitting right beside me. But you know, I couldn't see you. I knew you were there." As my brother said, that he had prayed for me the whole time I was in the coma.

I am now a very brittle diabetic. On four needles a day. My sugars levels are very high or very low.

I do believe there is Life After Death.



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