A Near Death Experience, No. 115.

Heart Stopped.

High school was hell for me.

One night I desperately prayed to God to let me die in my sleep. After going to bed, the next thing I knew, my heart stopped beating. My spirit detached from my body, and I found that my spirit was looking down on my lifeless physical body which remained on the bed.

Being out of my body was the most indescribably feeling I had ever had. No words could ever explain the way I felt. But if I have to use words, I would describe the way I felt as being free, free from the dead weight of life in the body, free of all cares, of all anxiety, of all of everything that in life weights us down.

I lingered into my closet. When I came out, there were three angels floating above my bed. They were adorned in brilliant light, and when I moved closer to them, their light encapsulated me. The light was love, peace, freedom, joy, everything wonderful that could not possibly be described in human terms. The angels were tall, wore white tunics, and had gold sashes and sandals. They began to communicate with me, but not in words, but rather with a sort of spiritual telepathy.

My spirit understood what they were saying, but even to this day I could not tell you what they said. I simply do not remember. But I know that the message is within my heart, to be understood when the time is right. After hearing from them, I knew that it was not my time to die. I understood that I must return to my body because I had not fulfilled my purpose on Earth. I knew that I would not be transcending with them at that time. They rose into the ceiling and faded away. I returned to my body, and as life returned to me physically, I shot up in bed and grasped my heart.

I was so blown away by what had happened that I refused to tell anyone about my experience for at least a year.



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