A Near Death Experience, No. 113.

Two NDEs, One Person.

To whom ever it may concern:

In approximately 1972, I was hit playing a hockey game in Canada. My helmet came off, hit my head on the ice. The referee happen to be a R.C.M.P., Canadian Police, he was also luckily a coroner versed in CPR. He stated to my Mother and the Doctors that I stopped breathing for approximately five minutes then seized. He continued CPR. I came to briefly in the dressing room. I then awoke the next day briefly from the coma, then went back to sleep one more day.

My version: I felt the ice hitting my head then I felt sick, next I was about as high as the score clock in the arena watching all the commotion. I was confused. I was 13 years old and in '72 there was no talk of these experiences. I watched my friend skate into the corner very upset and break his stick on the ice.

Months later I talked to my Mum about this experience. She said it happened to her when she almost died giving birth to me in 1959. I later asked my friend if he had indeed skated over to the corner and broke his stick. He said yes, but how could I know, he said he did it when I was in seizure. So when I hear scientists say it is a chemical reaction in the brain, I don't believe them.

More to the story in 1959: My mother was flown from Assinaboia Saskatchewan to Regina hospital named the Gray Nun hospital. I was a breech, c-section baby. My Mum and I almost didn't live. My Mum said that the Doctor pronounced me dead, but a Filipino nurse continued to breath light breaths into me for 45 minutes, the Doctor was becoming testy, then I started breathing.

My version: I remembered floating high above the foyer of this hospital and being amazed at the beautiful mosaic in the floor, I also remembered seeing my baptism in the hospital.

On Feb. 12, 2000, my Mother died in Regina Sask of pneumonia. She was rushed there from Swift Current Sask after being on life support in my old home town of Swift Current Sask. She ended up in the General Hospital, not the Gray Nun Hospital, now called the Pasqua Hospital.

I then questioned my NDE on the ice in '72. I thought maybe I had seen my friend break his stick as scientists may suggest. So for assurance, the day after my Mums death, I told my wife and daughter that morning, since we were in Regina, I had to go to the old Gray Nun Hospital to which I'd never been since my birth to see if there indeed was a beautiful mosaic as I had described.

Feb. 13 was a Sunday, but we asked if the old foyer did still exist after much renovations to the Pasqua. The lady said yes, but the foyer is now part of the Cancer Clinic and it is closed. We went throughout the hall anyway, and lo and behold, the Cancer Clinic with the beautiful old mosaic as I had described. I cried, then walk away with a sense of ease.

Yours Truly B.Mc.


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