A Near Death Experience, No. 112.

Heart Surgery.

When undergoing open heart surgery, I awoke above, floating above a very beautiful place. I was surrounded by entities who were just out of my vision, and they were communicating with me.

I felt the most intense love all around me. I knew I was home.

To my left there were flat roofed houses which reflected the golden sunlight, the houses were built into the side of a mountain. Below me were meadows filled with wildflowers. Ahead of me on the horizon were majestic forests.

To my right, the ocean. The colours were so intense my eyes should have burned, but they were remarkably soft. The scents were so intense that they should have overwhelmed me. Instead they were mellow. Soft music was carried on a warm breeze.

All this time I was being shown around and spoken to. I was at peace with myself. I knew I would be returning here when my physical life ends. With that thought I suggested to my hosts that maybe it was time for me to go back. I awoke in intensive care, having my vital signs checked.

I cannot recall the conversations I had with my hosts on a physical level, however there are times when I take actions or make decisions that I know to be right. Because they have been part of that conversation.

This N.D.E. was followed some time later by an O.B.E. in which the conversation with a higher entity is crystal clear.



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