A Near Death Experience, No. 109.

Grandfather's NDE.

Hi, this pertains to a NDE my grandfather had many years before my birth.

My father was home from college for the weekend, helping my grandmother, on this day, to get ready for breakfast. My grandfather was in the bathroom answering nature's call. Suddenly, my father and grandmother heard a loud thump. They ran into the bathroom only to see my grandfather, in all his glory, slumped on the floor. My grandmother naturally panicked and began slapping my grandfather repeatedly to wake him. After a few seconds, my grandfather started to come around. As he regained his senses he muttered (to the shock of my grandmother), "What the hell did you bring me back for"!

Apparently, my grandfather had suffered a stroke (a second, final stroke would be his ticket "home" on November 19, 1976). In the years after, he would say very little of his experience. Only that it was very beautiful. As a toddler, I would pester him for more info. He eventually stated that there was a meadow and trees and the most beautiful music he had ever heard. Then he would just claim, "I can't describe it" and send me on my way.

I guess because I was so young at the time I took my grandfather's experience to heart. I've since experienced many periods of profound testing in my adult life. And though I've never thought of suicide, it has thought of me. (Suicide is a very real predator that knows your weakness'). Through out it all, it's been my grandfather's clumsy, almost reluctant description of heaven that has kept me going. I've decided to do my best to endure everything. Hopefully, one day the Lord will be forced to endure me!



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