A Near Death Experience, No. 1.

Diving into the Shallow End of the Ocean.

I'm 44 and last year I broke my neck while diving into the shallow end of the ocean. Not a recommended recreation. Everything went white and although I realized I had just "bought the farm," the white place seemed very familiar and comfortable.

Below me was my body floating face down in the surf. The irony here is that my business name is Tsunami, which means "great wave." Not being at all concerned with this situation, I had but one regret -- that I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to my children. With that thought I re-entered my body through the back/top of my head, the same place from where I left only moments before.

Now I was aware that I was paralysed and couldn't get out of the water, much less sit up and breath, so I tried to leave my body again from the back of my head. Only now I was stuck inside my body, with the sound of the sand underwater and the realization that the air in my lungs was being used up, I was not at all pleased to find myself in this predicament. I said a quick prayer to Creator to help me out (of my body) but before I knew it, a wave had sat me up on the very sandbar I had just smashed into with my head. I could taste blood. My head felt like a white hot nail had just been hammered into it. I tried to wipe off my mouth and face, but my hand was nowhere near where my brain was trying to convince me it was. The other hand was nowhere in sight either.

This was getting worse by the second and I was beginning to panic (in my head). Then a voice (from who knows where) said, "It's time to use other parts of your brain. Just relax and try to touch your finger to your nose. Take your time. You have plenty of brain power in reserve but it needs a little review. Just try to think your finger to your nose."

So I did. It took perhaps five minutes of practice and I must have looked like a DWI refugee. But I managed to touch my finger to my nose WITH MY EYES CLOSED. Then I felt the electricity return to my feet and I could wiggle my toes.

So I stood up and walked out of the ocean and walked 1 1/2 miles back to the house, although very slowly and holding my head on the whole way. I broke the atlas (the first vetibrae) clean in half and severely damaged the ligament inside of that bone. I also fractured the 7th vertibra or the last neck bone. This kind of accident usually results in death (which I KNOW it did) and my doctor is amazed that I'm around to tell the story.

I've had lucid dreams and out of body experiences and have had what I would consider and abduction senario happen since way back in 1964, way before any of this space stuff was in the media. I've also had my mind spontaneously shut off all internal dialogue and had my awareness expand to encompass the entire universe, without prompting and without drugs.

All of these experiences are gifts that have taken me many years to understand. Breaking my neck and being here to tell you about is also a gift... a gift to tell any who wishes to read about it that there is more than just this body and just this life. Your life is an experience. Enjoy and learn. Don't worry. LOVE!!! -- W.D.


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