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February 2018
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Ice and more ice

The weather is cold, freezing rain and sleet have made driving impossible. The weather news predicts more, much more, on the way. Nothing to do but stay in and watch TV or play on the computer.

I purchased a new flash attachment for my camera a couple of weeks ago and want to go to the park for a try-out. It just didn’t happen, so I played with it at home and shot some pictures of my cat.


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NDE Love

Before my near death experience I thought I knew what Love was all about. But I was wrong. The feeling of love is central to a near death experience, even when there is no light, there is love. There is only one kind of Love as shown by the experience — unconditional Love. It is a state of mind, a state of being, that brings comfort, peace, and joy to those who cultivate it. It is a power, or force that impels one to care, and heal others. Often overlooked in near death experiences is the healing power of Love, healing for the giver as well as the given. You can not give without receiving, so give Love if you would have it.

Many people are unhappy with their lives. They don’t have enough, enough of anything. Money, fame, position, material possessions, etc., the list is endless. What they lack is Love. They usually have some wrong ideas about what Love is, and how it works. Near death experiencers are changed by the Love they encounter, they are different, more loving, kind, compassionate. It doesn’t happen automatically, they have to work at it, but having experienced it, they know the value of what they are doing. This could be a beautiful world, if we all lived in the state of Love.

Those who feel Love, and other positive emotions are “touchy-feely” events done by weak individuals to ingratiate themselves with others don’t know what Love means. It takes courage, and determination to walk the path of Love. Love brings meaning and purpose to life, it brings peace, and joy. Love increases knowledge and understanding of life, Love is logical and rational. Love is who you are, waiting for discovery.

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Do we know what consciousness is? According to the dictionary, consciousness is awareness, ego, feel, self-awareness, sentience. Still more words we use to denote consciousness are mind, spirit, soul, and “me.” We are our consciousness, without consciousness we don’t exist. Now what is this thing called consciousness. “We have found the consciousness and it is us,” to paraphrase an old ’60’s axiom.

No one has even seen a consciousness, nor measured it, nor determined its weight. It is beyond all our scientific instruments. Scientists probing the brain with electrodes don’t measure consciousness, they only measure the result of consciousness. No physical signs of consciousness have been found in the brain. No memory cells, no emotions, no thoughts, nothing physical one can call consciousness. Yet some scientists really believe we are the creation of our brains. They may continue to probe hundreds of years and still not find any physical evidence of “us.” Near death experience research has proven consciousness lives on after the death of the brain. How can one believe a body organ such as the brain can produce something (us) far greater than itself? Or as one scientist put it: “can a brain examine a brain”? Can a liver examine a liver or a heart examine a heart?

The brain is an interface between consciousness and the body, and when the body dies the consciousness lives on forever. Does the probes of the scientists determine whether the activity measured is coming from the brain, or going to the brain from the unseen consciousness. Interesting thing to know if that is possible.

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A new year

A new year is dawning, time to rethink our goals and directions. Do we want to repeat last year or try out some new ideas? I hope we are willing to look deeper into ourselves and ask the questions that really matter. Who am I? What am I doing here and why? Questions that bring meaning and purpose to life.

I have to admit my life was pretty dull before my near death experience. Mostly just worked, ate, and slept. Locked in a daily rut of trying to make enough money to exist in a life style I inherited from my parents.

Now, I can see so many possibilities I have trouble choosing the ones I want most to explore. I rediscovered the joy of learning. Reading up on subjects I once thought to be beyond my capabilies and enjoying them. Philosophy, religion, psychology, metaphysics and spiritual books became my daily fare. Just couldn’t get enough, actually had a book store owner comment “You have read all the books here.” That was an exaggeration, but I did read a lot.

My experience instilled the sense of curiosity I had as a child, and I went with it. Alas, near death experiences are not well accepted into our society. Most scientists believe the beautiful, wonderful creatures, that we are lies in the creative power of a body organ — the brain. Our memories, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, imagination, creativeness is only the brain expressing itself.

So, I hope for the new year, we will take another good hard look at the possibility we are greater than our brains.

Happy New Year

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