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Unconditional Love

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July 2017
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Worst of Life

The worst thing about life isn’t death.
It’s being careless with the feelings of others.
It’s forgetting how to love.

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Into the Looking Glass

I wish to speak my mind,
not to be inappropriate,
but to enlighten myself,
to give voice to the
deepest feelings
of my being.

I want to be with you,
saying “I love you,”
meaning it sincerely,
feeling it honestly,
I want to be free.

Ken Katin

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Physical Life

Who has not asked:
“What am I doing here?”
In a quiet moment of despair
who has not wondered “why me?”

No one knows how life began or the meaning thereof. Many theories abound, but facts are scarce. Religion, science, even aliens have been used to explain creation of the Universe as we know it. Many of these theories are complicated, but all lack proof. If theories contained facts they would not be theories. We can only look at the wonders of this world speculating how they came into being. No person living today was in attendance at creation; so we only guess how the Universe was born, and by what power it was thrust into reality.

It is callow to believe creation was accidental and mankind only a happenstance of this accident. It is even assumed, by some, the physical brain is the source of memory, thoughts, beliefs, and personality. This is a large order for such a small organ. Researchers have investigated the human brain for over one hundred years without finding any of these traits. They may search another 500+ years without finding anything attributed to the mind, within the brain. It is like they are looking for the 6:00 o’clock news in the wiring of a television.

It is more logical to assume a “Higher Intelligence” put this world together. However, religious beliefs explain this “Higher Intelligence,” usually called God, with many contradictory behaviors. One cannot believe all descriptions of such a God. Yet man must have hope for the future, he must have meaning to his life. One cannot “make-up” meaning. At the moment of adversity, assumed meaning will disappear quickly relative to the depth of distress.

Without meaning and purpose life cannot well abide. From the beginning of recorded history man has believed life will continue after the death of his mortal body. Most living today hold this same belief. Where did this idea/belief come from, and how did mankind come to believe in life after death? It is probable that they experienced themselves outside their physical body still alive. Today, due to some traumatic events people witness themselves without a body and still very much alive. These experiences are called “Near Death Experiences.” On occasion this can happen when the trauma is anticipated, but doesn’t actually happen. For example: a young man was speeding down a highway when he saw an oncoming car in his lane. He anticipated a terrible crash, and as he jerked the wheel he found himself up in the air above the scene looking down on the closing cars. His car swerved at the last second ending up in a ditch. Immediately he was back in his body/car unhurt. It is estimated eight million people living in the U.S. have experienced this out-of-body phenomenon.

What is it within the human body that exists at death? It is creation energy given by God to us. This energy is the real you — your personality, thoughts, beliefs and memory. You are a completely unique individual unlike anyone else. We humans do not create this energy, nor can we destroy it. It is eternal. For simplicity we will call this energy “spirit.” A married couple cannot create this spirit/life. They only create the mortal coil in which it exists here on planet earth. If the mortal coil becomes unable to sustain the spirit within, this spirit returns to the spirit world where God resides. It is our home too, we were created there. “Heaven” is the usual name for this spirit world.

There is a reason for everything, nothing is accidental, or the result of luck. The law of attraction applies equally to all. The reason for being here is knowledge. Here we learn about ourselves and our emotions. We are in the physical to grow into emotional maturity. Anyone living in the physical long enough will grow into physical maturity. You don’t have to work at it, it just happens. But emotional maturity is another shade of purple. We have to work at emotional maturity every day. Watching words and actions to insure we harm no one. There is perfect justice in the law of attraction. “Whatever you do unto others it will be done unto you.”

If you wish to go to heaven you have to grow up emotionally. The methods have been explained by many Master Teachers. They are: love your enemies, forgive those who use and/or exploit you, return good for evil, and help those in need. Otherwise you come back to the physical for more learning until you get it right. Your wealth or position in the physical matters not one whit. The only thing that matters is how you treat others, all others.

This God we talk about is unconditional love. Love is a state of mind/spirit as are all emotions. Positive emotions make you feel good and negative emotions make you feel bad. It is very simple to understand how following positive thoughts lead to Love. Whereas fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. It is the one who fears that suffers. There is far too much fear in our world leading to wars and cruelty. You don’t need to change the world, you need only to change yourself with positive thoughts and beliefs. God will take care of the rest. Everyone knows right from wrong, make the right choice every time.


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The Cat of Many Colors


This is Amanda the cat of many colors. I have owned a lot of cats but none with all the colors of cats. Black, brown, tan, grey, white and yellow. I think this is pretty unusual. She is a big cat and loves to be petted/

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