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May 2017
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Heaven is for Real

Welcome to my videos. You can find them under Lekatt1 in YouTube. This site is about near death experiences and other spiritual events.

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Letter from Joost

I watched your videos on youtube. Saw you’ve posted another video in June about our society. You talked about the fact that so many young people seem to get depressed or even commit suicide. You say that these people could be helped by knowing about their spiritual nature. I fully agree with you. In general I think our world suffers from what you might call demystification, we think everything is known, and that everything can be technically or evolutionary explained. The spiritual is ruled out. But there’s another important problem about our world which I think is directly related to this. By all the information we get through all the media the society we live in seems to be so big, that we as individual human beings seem to have little or no significance. We’re more or less ‘told’ by all these images in the media that if you want to mean something in this big machine the world has become, you must meet impossible demands. You must be a superstar, a genius, a hero, rich, famous, etc. If individual people feel meaningless and insignificant, they will regard other individuals as equally insignificant and treat them as such. Hence the violence, the shooting etc.

For an adolescent growing up and only just discovering him or herself, it is very scaring and depressing to know that they’re expected to live in a world like that. That’s an important part of the problem I think. I’ve felt the same and still do sometimes, even though I am over 40. The world has become more individualistic, and yet the individual seems to have lost its significance. And it’s very sad of course that young people have to find their way in a world like that. And you’re right, they and we all need a deep feeling of spiritual belonging to cure ourselves and the world. And I I think we can will cure ourselves and the world, in spite of everything.

Love and All the best for you

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Letter from Bill

Why do I look out upon the canvas of the world I paint in my mind and
proclaim it reality? What am I looking out from? A body? A brain, electrical currents
whizzing? What makes them whiz? I am the very center of the reality within my Father,
who knows I am lonely for Him and cradles me with love whenever He/She can in whatever
way best sparks the love within. He knows I am confused at times and lost, but always a
breath away in silence to remind me of my lineage. What have I to fear but the thoughts
of my ego self that has globbed onto my confusion. World mind energy is fear and fear is
our common worldly DNA.. Learn to unbear it by recognizing the lies of the false self.
Ask yourself, why should I be unhappy about ……fill in the blank? Why should I feel
bad about…..fill in the blank? Why should I worry when worry has no function but to
upset? As I learn who walks with me I learn I was made for love. For happiness and
fullness of life. I am learning to love my life. Feels good. As it should. Dare to
believe it can be so.

Bill G.

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Suck the Marrow Out of Life

Hello everyone! Here is an essay I wrote in April that I wanted to share. 🙂

“Suck the Marrow Out of Life.”
By Britney Pieta

I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life… (Walden, 91)

I feel full of life. I want to experience life from every angle, shot, close-up, perspective, sensation, emotion. Why not…sue it for all its worth! (joking) You deserve to get the experiences you came here for. But it does come with responsibility (“too much is given much is expected”) and you have to do some tedious work and may have to go through the fire, valleys, and dark places at different times before it decides to reward you.

Now do this exercise with me for a moment…Think of yourself as an alien (like Clark Kent) for a second. You have never been to earth. You would look at the world with amazement wondering:
What do I try first?
Who can I talk to?
What can I do to make this planet better than it was before?
How can I adapt to and make a good life here?

We all start out this way as babies. Sometimes I still make a joke with my sister about how I: “Act like I am new to the planet sometimes with a million questions.” I seem to have a hyper awareness of myself too and really thinking about what it means to be human. So, one of the key things to sucking the marrow out of life is never losing your sense of wonder and interest in everything around you. I mean literally. Especially if you are one of the lucky ones whose brain works to full capacity and you have many resources and tools to make the life you want.

Someone once said: “We should squeeze life for every last drop.” This means getting the most out of every experience and enjoying it. If you have a bad experience try to find as many lessons hidden within it and really try to focus on any little good things that happened in this experience (minor details) or positive things that could happen as a result of it. “Nothing goes to waste in life.”

Lastly to get the essence out of life you must realize the importance of spreading the love, joy, wisdom, etc everywhere you go because “love increases as you give it away.” Use the goodness and strength you have drawn from the essence of your experiences to help and influence others for the good. There is no limit to what we humans can do to make our lives better and those around us.

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