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September 2017
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Theonesoul Remembrance

The Onesoul presents “Theonesoul Remembrance” by Gisl.

Dedicated to LOVE, Beloved Sis family and All Siblings

I wanted to let you know that our beloved Sis theonesoul has passed over recently and though I and so many, indeed the world, will feel her loss here, my soul is just over joyed for her…I know she continues her Love work across the veil still…in fact, she continues to do all sorts of lil miracles in the lives of her family, many others to reassure them that she lives on, as she promised and we know this is Truth!

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What is God?

I have been asked this question many times, and the answer is easy. God is love, unconditional love. Religions, doctrines, theologies, and rituals are all meaningless. If you would know God, walk the path of unconditional love and soon you will feel His hand in your hand.

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Near Death Experience of Unconditional Love

At that moment I felt the presence of my creator and that my struggle to believe in a God on earth was over. “IT” had complete control over me, which was so soothing to me, it is indescribable. “IT”, was emanating an unconditional love of “ITSELF” and for me. My GOD was taking me and it felt so good. I felt no pain anymore nor any of the other miseries felt on earth, including time, there was no time. I was in total comfort. Through this, GOD gave me a feeling but no “sight” of something, someplace that was so horrible for those that rejected HIM on earth. To this day I carry that same feeling. After all this, as I was moving toward an opening or something, something I could not make out yet. I was just entering HIS light, different from what we know on earth, when GOD spoke to me, in a voice unlike any on earth. It was all telepathic between us but was like talking on earth. God then, asked me a question? Is there anything worthy of ME to go back for? Instantly there was only one thing that came to me. It was the woman in my life I so much loved. My love for her expressed the same love that HE was all about. I replied: my Nancy. I had never felt this type of love for anything or anybody in my life except for her. At that moment, I reversed my floating and I followed my path back to my body where I felt this heavy pounding on my chest. As I started to awaken I could barely see the two paramedics over me. I was in a semi-conscious state all the way to the hospital and into hours in emergency. As I was coming too, I didn’t know what happened to me because I had been asleep through all this. A doctor had come in who was treating me and said he couldn’t diagnose what happened.

A. A.

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Love Never Fails

The Onesoul presents “Love Never Fails” by Gisl.

Am also wanting to just appreciate you and your beautiful light. thanks for sharing your love and spreading the light so wonderfully unto the world…You are so precious, so very loved as you are being your truth, LOVE. Blessings I give, love I send, wishes made for all your moments to be wonderful, as you hope for, as you are. Hugs, gisl

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