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February 2018
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Heaven is for Real

Welcome to my videos. You can find them under Lekatt1 in YouTube. This site is about near death experiences and other spiritual events.

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Near Death Experience Book

In the Presence of Unconditional Love

In the Presence of Unconditional Love
the Near Death Experience

by Ken Katin

This book is much more than a book on near death experiences. It is a self-help book complete with instructions. It will explain in detail the tough questions of life. Who you are and why you are here in the physical world. Where did evil come from, and is heaven and hell real, complete with details. Is there an afterlife and what is it like. It talks about the teachings of Jesus and the meaning of Love. This book challenges science, and the theories of evolution. But most of all this book will help you feel good about yourself and the world.

Near death experiences are spiritual in nature indicating an afterlife of pleasant circumstances for all people.

There are six sections in this book each explaining a different view of the experience.

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The science of near-death experiences

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Head toward the light: The science of near-death experiences

“People are always trying to find a reason to explain it away,” she says. “What usually happens is they can account for one or two of the characteristics, but they can’t account for all of the characteristics. How do you account for a 7-year-old who comes back knowing all about his dead grandfather from England who died in a fire, even though neither of his parents knew about it and the child has never left his own city block? Oxygen deprivation doesn’t account for those things.”

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Science and NDEs

The relationship between science and near death experiences is bitter-sweet. In the 60’s main stream science began to take a wrong turn down the dead-end street of materialism. In the 70’s, researchers like Dr. Raymond Moody, and Elisabeth Keubler-Ross were studying the subject of death and dying in hospitals.

What Moody, and Keubler-Ross researched were events called near death experiences. So named by Dr. Moody. While these experiences were not new, the large number of people experiencing them were new. Due to better methods of resuscitation doctors were reviving more patients that died on the operating tables. Patients that told the doctors they went out of their body and watched the resuscitation of their clinically dead bodies. Fortunately not all doctors dismissed the “stories” of their patient’s near death experiences as dreaming or hallucinating, and so research began in earnest.

Over 30 years later a dozen universities both here and abroad are engaged in near death experience research. There is now a large amount of data from this research that shows human consciousness lives on after the death of the brain and body.

This research represents a serious challenge to main stream science’s belief in materialism. This research shows that materialism is not the only game in town, it shows man is spiritual by nature.

So our world consists of a least two known dimensions: the spiritual and the physical. I don’t think this is news to most people. Spirituality has always played a large role in our society.

But ever since science opted for materialism, or natural explanations for all events, and actions in our Universe, there has been a growing disagreement between spirituality and science.

Now I believe that the solid evidence of man’s spirituality should end this conflict forever. Both science and spirituality can have their rightful places in our society.

Near death experiences just don’t seem to fit into any of the patterns of religion or science. Most experiencers are neither religious nor scientific minded in their approach to life after their near death experience. Maybe there could be a way to integrate religion and science into a higher more complete discipline using principles learned from near death experiences.

Below you can find some links to the research showing consciousness continues to live after the death of the brain and body. Since this blog is mainly devoted to showing the reality of near death experiences more links can be found there.

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The Magic Brain

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