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January 2018
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Sam Parnia on Near-Death Experiences

Dr Sam Parnia: Near Death Experiences During Cardiac Arrest from APRU on Vimeo.

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The Power of Focus

As we go about our daily business we give little thought about the focus of our mind and thoughts. This is automatic to us, our focus is on whatever task we are doing in the present moment. Our eyes, mind, and thoughts may be focused on the book we are reading or some article we are writing. While we are focusing on the object of interest, we are shutting out all those things around us save the object of interest. This is normal, nothing wrong with it, and the more intense our focus becomes the more we shut out the rest of the world to favor that focus.

Some people think they can multi-task, doing several things at once, but they are only kidding themselves. Their focus just moves from one task to another, their body responding with the appropriate moves for that task. It is impossible to focus on more than one thing at a time. We should be thankful for that do to the confusion the alternative would bring.

The intensity of our focus determines how easy or hard it is for someone else to get the attention of the focuser. If you are focused on watching the Super Bowl it may be very hard for someone to break though that focus to ask a quesion. So focus is very important to life, and where you focus is very important to your well being.

You can’t drive a car and use a cell phone at the same time without endangering yourself and others. No one can, so just don’t do it, if you have an accident and you were using a cell phone it will be your fault. Awhile back I had a young girl run into the back of my car as I was making a right turn, with blinkers on, we were lucky and no damage done. But again, just don’t do it.

It is a good idea to notice what thoughts you focus on during the day. Negative thoughts turn into negative action, so try to think about positive things most of the time. Do some affirmations daily and turn negative thoughts into a positive affirmation.

Keep your focus on the good things of life so you will experience the good things of life. Practice focusing on spiritual love for yourself and all people. There is no higher good than doing good things for yourself and others.

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Where Did Consciousness Come From?

Mind, psyche, spirit, soul, are words used to describe the phenomenon of consciousness. It is our consciousness that determines our individuality. We are our consciousness. There is no good definition of consciousness, nor can it be shown where consciousness resides in body. Many think the brain produces the consciousness which is basically you. This would mean you have been created by your brain. But there is no proof of this, nor is there any physical proof of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, residing in the brain. Brain activity is all science has to examine brain functions, and this activity has not been proved to be coming from the brain, or going to the brain as it is measured. Current near death research shows that consciousness and brain are two separate entities. That consciousness continues to live and function after the brain and body are clinically dead.

Consciousness has been thought to evolve with the evolution of the species, but this seems to be wrong. It is consciousness, or self-awareness that determines the boundaries of self. So how could life appear without boundaries of self. Then at the same time self is defined by consciousness, not-self is also defined. So if life evolved without consciousness it would not be able to determine itself from the world it lived in. How would it know what to eat as nourishment? It could eat itself and not be aware without consciousness to guide it. If this sounds strange it is because it is strange. It shows the lack of rational thought put into the beginning of life as taught by science.

Science also teaches it was a fortunate random mix of chemicals that started life. A primordial soup so to speak. But if the world was randomness at that stage of evolution then why didn’t the randomness quickly change, and destroy the early mixture of chemicals, and life with it soon after it had been created. There are far too many assumptions here to be believable for me. That random changes formed an ideal situation for life to begin, then ceased to be random so that the fragile beginning of life would have time to grow, and not be destroyed by the next wave of randomness.

The only rational belief, seems to be that life started with consciousness, so there never was any randomness involved in the creation of life, nor the creation of the universe. So where did this consciousness come from?

It would have to come from a greater consciousness. I want to try to make the word consciousness more personal, because it is personal. When you say “I am” you are defining your being, you are defining your self. This includes self-awareness, of both self and not self, it includes your individuality, as you know that you are you. This is very important, so stop, and think about what “I am” means to you. This is the eternal part of you, your core being, in the spiritual world. This is the part of you that never changes. In the physical world you may have many names, jobs, locations, visit many places, explore new territories, but you will still be the same “I am” in the spiritual world that you are right this moment. You may, in the physical world, have many deaths of the body, illnesses, beliefs, memories, or loss of memory, you may even become insane, but you will still be the same “I am” in the spiritual world that you are right this moment. This knowing of the “I am” is your connection to the greater consciousness. There may be times in your physical life that you connect with the greater consciousness. Spiritual experiences that you never forget.

So consciousness, your consciousness, comes from the greater consciousness. In the spiritual world all consciousnesses, or people, or individuals reside in the greater consciousness. You are part of the greater consciousness and it a part of you. That is why during a near death experience when you return to the greater consciousness all knowledge is available for you. You have only to question and the answer appears in thought.

The greater consciousness is sometimes called God, and no one knows where God came from, so it is generally accepted that God or the greater consciousness has always been, it has no beginning, no end.

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The Damaged Brain

Less than ten percent of the world population believes the brain somehow creates the personality and consciousness of the individual. That small group would mostly be part of the scientific community that also believes materialism, sometimes called naturalism, is the only aspect of the Universe. This belief eliminates all spiritual aspects of life saying spirituality is mythology, unprovable wishful thinking, and irrational nonsense. One of their main arguments for this belief is the observation when the brain is damaged the personality and consciousness are also damaged.

The purpose of this writing is to show they are wrong. That the mind/spirit is not damaged when the brain is damaged. That the mind/spirit is totally separate from the brain and can fully function without the brain.

First, I would like you to watch a video made by Jill Bolton Taylor, PhD, of her stroke. Notice how she talks about all aspects of her stroke.

If the brain creates and supports the mind, which is damaged when the brain is damaged, how is Jill able to understand and talk about her brain as it is being damaged. Would not the mind also be damaged along with the brain. Apparently not. So here we have an indication the mind and brain are not one, but are two separate entities. She begins to recognize everything as energy, total energy, she can’t determine the boundaries of her body. The physical/material world fading into energy, her brain being damaged more and more, yet her mind remains clear and logical, able to describe each moment of brain damage as it happens.

Jill’s description of her stroke is not unusual, there are many accounts of recovering stoke victims telling about feeling trapped inside bodies they can no longer control. Where nothing is wrong with their mind, where the mind is fully functional, and knows what is going on around them.

Cleo Hutton’s journal entries are such a record.

Doctors and nurses continue to stream in and out of my room. I cannot communicate with them. I cannot make my mouth form the words. The words are there in my brain but I cannot get them out. When the nurse talks to me I want to scream, ā€œIā€™m here!ā€ I am frustrated, but more than that, I am scared.

Cleo can not communicate, but she does understand and wants to communicate. She is locked in a body that doesn’t work for her, her mind is fine, the brain is damaged.

I have a close friend who had a stoke leaving him partially paralyzed on one side of his body and unable to talk. He repeats short sounds, usually “ok, ok” in response to everything said to him. He understands, but can’t answer except with these short sounds. He has been this way for several years.

However, his wife has this to say about him.

Yes, my husband will talk a normal speech pattern, when he talks in his sleep. Sometimes I can actually get a full conversation going, but when he is awake the speech is just a repeat of anything he hears, reads. For some reason all words, fazes come in a patter of three. It is like he runs into a brick wall. The spontaneous speech is what did not come back.

This is another brain problem, but not a mind problem. His mind is there, he understands, he just can’t make the body work as he once could.

We are spirit/energy/mind/soul/psyche, whatever you wish to call the essential “you” occupying a physical body for the purpose of learning about ourselves.

The following is a quote from a near death experience. The experiencer was in a car crash.

At some point I remember my intelligence/spirit being to the right of my body and above the car looking at about a 45 degree angle through the roof. I remember thinking “Is this all there is to death?” I remember looking at my body and thinking that “it” wasn’t me. My intelligence/spirit was me. I don’t remember any voices or white lights like I have read about. I just remember incredible peace and being in a completely logical state. I lost my identity with my body. I no longer identified with it. It was just flesh.

There are literally thousands of near death experiences posted on the Internet, there is no chance all these people are mistaken about what they experienced.

Out of body experiences, and near death experiences indicate we are separate entities from our brain and body. Research and documented veridical near death experiences show good evidence that we will remain alive and well after the death of the body.

It may take a few years for mainstream science to catch up with the research, but reality will win out in the long run.

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