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January 2018
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Near Death Experiences, Real Glimpses of Afterlife

The Jury is in. After more than 35 years of research by top scientists, the studies all point to consciousness living beyond the death of the brain and body. Incredible as it may sound, we now have solid evidence of an afterlife.

A few of the scientists that have been researching near death experiences over the past thirty-five years include:
Dr. Raymond Moody,
Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross,
Dr. Melvin Morse,
Dr. Kenneth Ring,
Dr. Jeffrey Long,
Dr. Peter Fenwick,
Dr. Bruce Greyson,
Dr. Sam Parnia,
Dr. Michael Sabom,
Dr. Pim Van Lommel,
and many, many others have joined them in researching near death experiences over the years. All of the near-death research points in the direction of an afterlife. The research is being done at dozens of universities here in the states and abroard. The research has been published in scientific journals. Many books have been written by these researchers. They are available from Amazon.com. I highly recommend: “Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience,” by Dr. Pim van Lommel.

There are an estimated 10 million near death experiencers in the U.S. alone. So why is this not front page news in all the newspapers and magazines, and why do main stream scientists continue to teach and hold to the old theories that the brain produces consciousness when all the research shows that consciousness is non-local (a separate entity) and is not produced by the brain?

The clash between the new research, showing consciousness continues to live after the death of the brain and body, and the old theories that assume consciousness is produced by the brain and dies when the brain dies, has been going on for a long time. So it is now time to examine the facts of the debate.

The New Research.

The new research shows that a percentage of the people that die during surgery, and are brought back to life, can accurately describe what happened during the time they were clinically dead. They can accurately describe the surgeon and staff, what they said, and what they did to their clinically dead body while being out of their body in a position above their body near the ceiling. Even if the patient was blind or deaf before the surgery, they can still hear and see all the activity going on around their dead body. Some of them are able to see for the first time in their life. This is called veridical near death experiences. The accuracy of the surgery patient’s account is verified by the surgeon and staff performing the procedure. To date there are thousands of these verified NDEs published in the reseach. They are solid, clear evidence that our consciousness continues to live after the death of our bodies.

Registered nurse has a near death experience.
The Pam Reynolds surgery.
An emergency room nurse tells about an NDE.

The Old Theories.

On the other side of the debate is the theory that the brain produces our consciousness which is dependent upon the brain, and therefor dies when the brain dies. This remains only a theory because no one has found evidence of memory, thoughts, beliefs, and other attributes of consciousness physically present anywhere in the brain.

I understand there are basically three ways scientists can examine the brain, and the only thing they can measure related to consciousness in the brain comes from the brain activity.

1. By stimulating part of the brain with electical or chemical probes. This will usually result in the person who owns the brain seeing, feeling, and/or hearing some kind of an event. From this the assumption is made that the brain contains that event at that location. But this is not evidence, only theory, an assumption. Probing a TV tuner at different locations will show you different channels, but no one believes the channels with pictures and sound are located in the TV. The event triggered by the probes could be just as well non-local, since brain activity has not been shown to be generated by the brain. Scientists can’t show proof brain activity is coming from the brain, it could be a non-local consciousness feeding activity to the brain instead.

2. In this method is seen a reverse of the first one. A subject is asked to do, or the think of something, and brain activity is measured to see which part of the brain “lights up” when this event or activity is performed. Again this is not proof of the event or activity residing in that part of the brain. These procedures, 1, and 2, are sometimes called brain mapping. This so-called “brain mapping” has not been very accurate.

3. Brain damage. What can we learn from brain damage. Many scientists believe the brain to be hard-wired like some machine. If this is true, which it isn’t, then a stroke that causes a leg or arm to be paralyzed due to brain damage could never be used again. But we know through physical therapy many times full use of the arm or leg can be restored. If our consciousness is non-local and uses the brain as an interface to the body, then it can be explained why brain damage can be reversed without restoring the damaged part of the brain. If the part of the brain controlling a function is damaged, then your non-local consciousness can move that function to an undamaged part of the brain. However, a relearning process is necessary for the function to be restored. The Magic Brain.

Science doctrine is full of contradictions. One is assuming everything is material, without knowing everything. Two is assuming that personal experiences are unreliable, when it is obvious that personal experiences are the only kind of experience there is, and our only interface with the physical world. Three is assuming theories are more than educated guesses or they are backed up by facts. If they were factual, they would not be theories, they would be evidence.

So why is the new research not widely accepted.

The usually reasons is that us humans are not quick to change. We like our comfort zones and giving them up is not an easy thing. Then there are vested interests. Government and university funded research that would no longer be needed. There would also be a lot of theories that would need to be upgraded or replaced by the new knowledge. But I think the biggest reason is that spirituality would have to be acknowledged. Along with spirituality comes a huge amount of questions with little or no answers. This may be upsetting to the number of atheists among the scientific community, because while an afterlife doesn’t prove the existence of a higher intelligence, it does strongly suggest one. It would be a hard thing to acknowledge spirituality after years of teaching materialism.

But the advantages are many. There would now be meaning, purpose, and hope in all our lives. The fear of death would be diminished or gone entirely, along with the fear of life. Kindness would be taught again in all schools, including love one another. The world would improve if all knew physical life was not the end. Stress, anxiety, and anger would be reduced. Everyone would understand the law of attraction, and know that however they treat others would be returned to them. They would understand they are responsible for the deeds they do and the thoughts, beliefs they hold would determine the quality of their life in both the physical and spiritual. The world would not be perfect, but certainly improved. I hope it will happen sooner than you think.

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The Damaged Brain

Less than ten percent of the world population believes the brain somehow creates the personality and consciousness of the individual. That small group would mostly be part of the scientific community that also believes materialism, sometimes called naturalism, is the only aspect of the Universe. This belief eliminates all spiritual aspects of life saying spirituality is mythology, unprovable wishful thinking, and irrational nonsense. One of their main arguments for this belief is the observation when the brain is damaged the personality and consciousness are also damaged.

The purpose of this writing is to show they are wrong. That the mind/spirit is not damaged when the brain is damaged. That the mind/spirit is totally separate from the brain and can fully function without the brain.

First, I would like you to watch a video made by Jill Bolton Taylor, PhD, of her stroke. Notice how she talks about all aspects of her stroke.

If the brain creates and supports the mind, which is damaged when the brain is damaged, how is Jill able to understand and talk about her brain as it is being damaged. Would not the mind also be damaged along with the brain. Apparently not. So here we have an indication the mind and brain are not one, but are two separate entities. She begins to recognize everything as energy, total energy, she can’t determine the boundaries of her body. The physical/material world fading into energy, her brain being damaged more and more, yet her mind remains clear and logical, able to describe each moment of brain damage as it happens.

Jill’s description of her stroke is not unusual, there are many accounts of recovering stoke victims telling about feeling trapped inside bodies they can no longer control. Where nothing is wrong with their mind, where the mind is fully functional, and knows what is going on around them.

Cleo Hutton’s journal entries are such a record.

Doctors and nurses continue to stream in and out of my room. I cannot communicate with them. I cannot make my mouth form the words. The words are there in my brain but I cannot get them out. When the nurse talks to me I want to scream, ā€œIā€™m here!ā€ I am frustrated, but more than that, I am scared.

Cleo can not communicate, but she does understand and wants to communicate. She is locked in a body that doesn’t work for her, her mind is fine, the brain is damaged.

I have a close friend who had a stoke leaving him partially paralyzed on one side of his body and unable to talk. He repeats short sounds, usually “ok, ok” in response to everything said to him. He understands, but can’t answer except with these short sounds. He has been this way for several years.

However, his wife has this to say about him.

Yes, my husband will talk a normal speech pattern, when he talks in his sleep. Sometimes I can actually get a full conversation going, but when he is awake the speech is just a repeat of anything he hears, reads. For some reason all words, fazes come in a patter of three. It is like he runs into a brick wall. The spontaneous speech is what did not come back.

This is another brain problem, but not a mind problem. His mind is there, he understands, he just can’t make the body work as he once could.

We are spirit/energy/mind/soul/psyche, whatever you wish to call the essential “you” occupying a physical body for the purpose of learning about ourselves.

The following is a quote from a near death experience. The experiencer was in a car crash.

At some point I remember my intelligence/spirit being to the right of my body and above the car looking at about a 45 degree angle through the roof. I remember thinking “Is this all there is to death?” I remember looking at my body and thinking that “it” wasn’t me. My intelligence/spirit was me. I don’t remember any voices or white lights like I have read about. I just remember incredible peace and being in a completely logical state. I lost my identity with my body. I no longer identified with it. It was just flesh.

There are literally thousands of near death experiences posted on the Internet, there is no chance all these people are mistaken about what they experienced.

Out of body experiences, and near death experiences indicate we are separate entities from our brain and body. Research and documented veridical near death experiences show good evidence that we will remain alive and well after the death of the body.

It may take a few years for mainstream science to catch up with the research, but reality will win out in the long run.

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Science and NDEs

The relationship between science and near death experiences is bitter-sweet. In the 60’s main stream science began to take a wrong turn down the dead-end street of materialism. In the 70’s, researchers like Dr. Raymond Moody, and Elisabeth Keubler-Ross were studying the subject of death and dying in hospitals.

What Moody, and Keubler-Ross researched were events called near death experiences. So named by Dr. Moody. While these experiences were not new, the large number of people experiencing them were new. Due to better methods of resuscitation doctors were reviving more patients that died on the operating tables. Patients that told the doctors they went out of their body and watched the resuscitation of their clinically dead bodies. Fortunately not all doctors dismissed the “stories” of their patient’s near death experiences as dreaming or hallucinating, and so research began in earnest.

Over 30 years later a dozen universities both here and abroad are engaged in near death experience research. There is now a large amount of data from this research that shows human consciousness lives on after the death of the brain and body.

This research represents a serious challenge to main stream science’s belief in materialism. This research shows that materialism is not the only game in town, it shows man is spiritual by nature.

So our world consists of a least two known dimensions: the spiritual and the physical. I don’t think this is news to most people. Spirituality has always played a large role in our society.

But ever since science opted for materialism, or natural explanations for all events, and actions in our Universe, there has been a growing disagreement between spirituality and science.

Now I believe that the solid evidence of man’s spirituality should end this conflict forever. Both science and spirituality can have their rightful places in our society.

Near death experiences just don’t seem to fit into any of the patterns of religion or science. Most experiencers are neither religious nor scientific minded in their approach to life after their near death experience. Maybe there could be a way to integrate religion and science into a higher more complete discipline using principles learned from near death experiences.

Below you can find some links to the research showing consciousness continues to live after the death of the brain and body. Since this blog is mainly devoted to showing the reality of near death experiences more links can be found there.

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