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January 2018
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Hate Groups

Those who hate have no place
Show no face in America
Isolated by their fright
They form assemblies in the night
Passing their terror onto others
Who know them not nor why?
They’ve forgotten where they are
A land of freedom far
Removed from fear and hate
A place of rights for everyone
Rights to life, and liberty
Gained by hostility to all
Tyrants eager to destroy
American land of the free
You have these same rights
Don’t you hold them close?
When your hate is confronted
Your existence depends on
American rights undisturbed
Yet you deny others this
Freedom given by law
Turn your hate into curiosity
Study everything
Create an upswing in your life
Through knowledge
Understanding lessens fear
Appreciate what we hold dear
Join our freedoms cheer
Learn to love

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Great Thoughts

In the nadir of remembering
There’s a struggle for harmony.
Thoughts of great value retreat,
From the clatter of physical life.

The mandate of survival limits,
Feelings of love, kindness
And compassion for others.

Search for these thoughts, and
Bring them forward into action.
Every day, in every way for
They echo your inner validity.

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Letter from Joost

I watched your videos on youtube. Saw you’ve posted another video in June about our society. You talked about the fact that so many young people seem to get depressed or even commit suicide. You say that these people could be helped by knowing about their spiritual nature. I fully agree with you. In general I think our world suffers from what you might call demystification, we think everything is known, and that everything can be technically or evolutionary explained. The spiritual is ruled out. But there’s another important problem about our world which I think is directly related to this. By all the information we get through all the media the society we live in seems to be so big, that we as individual human beings seem to have little or no significance. We’re more or less ‘told’ by all these images in the media that if you want to mean something in this big machine the world has become, you must meet impossible demands. You must be a superstar, a genius, a hero, rich, famous, etc. If individual people feel meaningless and insignificant, they will regard other individuals as equally insignificant and treat them as such. Hence the violence, the shooting etc.

For an adolescent growing up and only just discovering him or herself, it is very scaring and depressing to know that they’re expected to live in a world like that. That’s an important part of the problem I think. I’ve felt the same and still do sometimes, even though I am over 40. The world has become more individualistic, and yet the individual seems to have lost its significance. And it’s very sad of course that young people have to find their way in a world like that. And you’re right, they and we all need a deep feeling of spiritual belonging to cure ourselves and the world. And I I think we can will cure ourselves and the world, in spite of everything.

Love and All the best for you

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Britney Pieta’s New Children’s Book


The Gift of Mr. Pookie is inspired by the true story of a mother who found a Velcro monkey for only $1.00 at the Dollar Tree store, and gave it to her two daughters a couple of years before she died. This picture book made partly of rhymes will take you on a journey with Mr. Pookie and his owners, Britney and Kristin, as he wishes to be reunited with his true love. Click on the book to buy.

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