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Unconditional Love

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December 2017
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LOVE Messages

The Onesoul presents “LOVE Messages” by Gisl.

Dedicated to LOVE. Let us live in LOVE where fear is an illusion of the past and the present moment is the LOVE reality that we are meant to know.

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Is There an Afterlife? Part II


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Is There an Afterlife? Part II

In his new book “Glimpses of Eternity,” Moody interviews doctors, and people who’ve been with dying loved ones “who say, light fills the room, they may hear heavenly music, they may exit their own body and accompany their loved part way into this light.”

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Proof of the Afterlife

Proof of the Afterlife

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Proof of the Afterlife – The Conversation Continues is a true story about one man’s crossing over to the Other Side in September of 2005, when, after an out of control heart arrhythmia at 1:15am, he wakes up dead in the afterlife, and comes back thirty minutes later to tell about it. In the words of his family physician, “Dude, you have been somewhere very few people ever return from.” Since that time, this book chronicles his somewhat unusual daily life – one of frequent God-encounters, and visits from the other side by family and friends on a mission to facilitate love, mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation.

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From Life, Through Death, To Life

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From Life, Through Death, To Life

I felt as if I was floating in a bright, very comforting light, and I could hear a type of musical sound—not like anything I have ever heard here on earth before. I felt a “peace” descend upon me that I had never experienced, before or since. The word “peace” is inadequate; it doesn’t even come close to describing what I felt—the “peace that passes all understanding.”

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