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April 2017
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Who are you?

You have forgotten,
Living in fear and unhappiness.
If you could remember
Who you really are my love
The fear would vanish,
Happiness would be yours
Forever and ever

You can’t remember for a reason
It’s required for entering this world
But you can remember if you try
You are not a weak, fragile being

Created in love, it is within you
Try to find your strength inside
In love lies your freedom
Grasp the love within you

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Ponder this — Beginnings

Seems everywhere you look, on the Internet and off, people are discussing beginnings. More than discussing, they are debating, arguing, and calling each other names about how these beginnings took place. These beginnings are the Universe, the Earth, and Life. There are three favorite theories: creation, intelligent design, and the big band with evolution. There are also some minor theories such as “aliens from outer space” started it all, and that we came from within the world. Crawled out of the ground.

Since these beginnings took place from a few thousand years ago to billions of years ago, no one living today was alive to witness this phenomenon. Not having any witnesses we are forced to rely on such things as the written word, our logical creative thinking, and bits of bone fossils dug from the earth.

As for the written word, no consenses has been formed to who wrote those words, some say God and others say man. Logical creative thinking might give us a good idea of what happened, but we can’t be sure. Fossilized remains seem to be a good choice, however, the fossil remains can’t talk, so opinions must be made about what the remains mean. Sometimes these opinions can really get out-of-hand. There is the case of “Nebraska Man.” A tooth was discovered, and from this mole-hill of a tooth a mountain of an “ancient ancester” was constructed. Yes, one tooth was used to build an entire species of primitive man, complete with illustrations of him and his family. But the tooth, it turned out, belonged to a pig. Now anyone can make a mistake, no fault there. But turning a tooth into a full-blown ancestor is a bit much. Since full fossil skeletons are very rare it makes me wonder about the rest of our “ancestors.”

Now there may be a solution to this dilemma. Since there is no way to know, or to find out, exactly how the beginnings began, we could declare each of the three main beliefs to be accurate. In this manner all sides could claim victory and the bickering could be quieted.

Just think of the time, money, and energy that could be saved if this problem were solved. We could channel that energy, and money into lighting candles in our gloomy economy. We could feed more hungry people, and provide more clothes and shelters for those homeless. We could even provide health care and education for those without these necessities. It is a matter of priorities.

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Ponder this — Perception

Perception is a choice, your choice. When you see a homeless beggar on the street, do you react with disgust, or compassion. How you handle the vicissitudes of life is up to you. We can’t change life, but we can change how we perceive life. Most don’t know, or understand, that their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and perceptions are under their own control. They go through life reacting to events emotionally instead of transcending them.

The near death experience changes perception totally. Other experiences both good and bad also change perception. But perception can be changed by anyone who really wants to at any time. Ponder if you want to change.

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Ponder this — Consciousness

Science has been studying the brain for well over 100 years now, and what they have found is not near as important as what they haven’t found. They haven’t found any physical memory, or physical thoughts, or physical emotions, or anything physical associated with consciousness. They have noticed certain areas of the brain “light up” when different aspects of consciousness is active or the brain is stimulated. But brain activity is not consciousness, it is only the footprint of consciousness.

We, me and you, are consciousness and we weren’t created by the brain. I can’t tell you exactly how we were created, but I am pretty sure it had something to do with a higher and greater consciousness than we.

Near Death Experiences have shown that we (our consciousness), and the brain are two separate entities. Research on hundreds of experiences show clear evidence of this separation.

So the next question is how long before mainstream science catches up with the research being done in a dozen universities around the country and the world. How long before they give up their futile search for something that doesn’t exist in the brain.

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