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September 2017
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Divine Love

This beautiful music seems to have such a heart-opening effect on everyone who listens to it. We ask you to share this video with everyone you know and love, so that they too can experience a few moments of musical bliss in their day.

This music is called “Divine Love”. It’s part of an album of relaxing chakra music called Seven Sacred Centers which is available from http://www.the-guided-meditation-site….

Please take a moment to relax and open yourself up to this beautiful music. Listen with your eyes closed if you like, and really feel what you hear. Allow the music to open your heart…in whatever way is natural for you.

It is my sincere hope that this music will inspire you, heal you, open your heart and bring you peace.

Christopher Lloyd Clarke

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Theonesoul Remembrance

The Onesoul presents “Theonesoul Remembrance” by Gisl.

Dedicated to LOVE, Beloved Sis family and All Siblings

I wanted to let you know that our beloved Sis theonesoul has passed over recently and though I and so many, indeed the world, will feel her loss here, my soul is just over joyed for her…I know she continues her Love work across the veil still…in fact, she continues to do all sorts of lil miracles in the lives of her family, many others to reassure them that she lives on, as she promised and we know this is Truth!

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Winter Wonders

The Onesoul presents “Winter Wonders” by Gisl.

Happy Holidays to All. May You All find your paths lit with the bright Light of Love every moment, every stranger as friend, every experience a beautiful lesson, every stumble a chance to rise ever more stronger in graceful fortitude as you keep on…in joyful Peace. God Bless Us All. Hugs, Gisl

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Love Notes

The Onesoul presents “Love Notes” by Gisl.

LOVE is Who You were born to be. This video is dedicated to You, LOVE. God bless You. Hugs, Gisl

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