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November 2017
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The Magic “I”

This writing begins where the “The Magic Brain” leaves off. When the damage to the brain/body is great enough to ensure death the director will exit out of the top of the brain/body and look down upon the clinically dead body it once inhabited as happens in the typical near death experience.

At this point the director, which is you (the invisible consciousness “I am”), finds itself outside the brain/body looking down upon the lifeless physical shell it once inhabited, wondering what happened. This is almost always a surprise. Something unexpected which begs the question, “am I dead?” Then a slow realization sets in that you are dead, yet still somehow alive at the same time. Not only alive, but feeling free and happy to be out of the heavy, cumbersome physical body that you believed such a short time ago was you.

As you look down upon the activity below, you are in a hospital, you see, and hear the doctors frantically trying to revive your lifeless body. “Hey.” you yell at them, “I’m up here,” but they don’t look up, they can’t see or hear you. You are invisible consciousness (“I”) of pure energy operating in a different dimension. While you can see into their physical dimension, they can’t see into your spiritual dimension.

A light appears, first at a distance, then growing rapidly until it reveals a tunnel. You are drawn down that tunnel faster and faster until you are completely surrounded by brilliant light. The light is essence, you are loved by this light. Held and revered as the most precious of all things. You are accepted as you are, no judgement, just total caring, and compassion. As a loving father would hold his only child, you are complete, worthy, and totally perfect.

The light contains knowledge, each question that comes into your thoughts is answered instantly as you think it. Nothing is held back, all knowledge of all things is only for the asking. You want to stay in that light forever. You know you are part of the light, and it is within you, and you within it. You are truly home at last.

Then you notice some Beings coming toward you. Some you know. They are people you loved dearly that passed on before you. They are surrounded by light, some more brilliant than others. You are greeted with open, outstretched arms that embrace and love you. You talk to them with your thoughts.

Another Being is coming to meet you. The light surrounding this Being is more brilliant than all the others. His love for you can be felt at great distance, long before He arrives in your presence. You may know Him as Jesus, or some other great Master Teacher, but the name is unimportant, the presence of His great love flows before Him, announcing His Eminence.

The great Being speaks to you with His thoughts, answers your questions, and then unexpectedly says: “you must go back and finish your physical life, there is still much to do and learn.” You are stunned with disbelief, sadness, and you argue to stay with Him. But to no avail. He kindly and gently sends you back to your body.

The pain that sent you to the hospital in the first place is back with a vengeance. The doctors look relieved to see you back into your body. But you feel sad, even angry at them for their role in bringing you back into the physical world. You know you will get well, healed by your experience.

Changed for life, your old beliefs and perceptions dismantled by the experience of the light has granted you peace, calm, yet you feel more alive than ever before. Your consciousness expanded, became more enlightened. Material things just don’t matter as much as they used to matter. You really don’t sweat the small stuff any more.

While you feel alienated you are not alone. There is much to do, others must know so they can feel better about themselves and the world they now live in. Find ways to reduce the fear, bring peace into life.

The best way is personal, walk the path of spiritual love. Become more like the Master, work with your own thoughts and beliefs so others may see the Master’s teachings unfolding in your life and want to become more like the Master themselves. Your purpose is clear, the meaning of life crystal clear. Your journey begins anew as you integrate your rebirth into good deeds, thoughts, and actions.

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1 comment to The Magic “I”

  • JJ Semple UNITED STATES Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10

    I have never experienced ND; I have, however, had a full-blown Kundalini awaekening, which opened up interest in related matters and eventually NDE. The more I learned about NDE, the more I believe it shares certain effects with full, permenent Kundalini:

    1) NDE triggers a subset of Kundalini effects, as listed by Kenneth Ring in his book, Lessons from the Light, namely:

    • Beatific visions — perfection of the universe insights, the realization that death has no dominion,
    • Earthly realizations — the highest levels of human values,
    • Personal revelations — the formulation of a personal life mission

    I would add to these the following shared experience: A certain alienation from the material world, the feeling of living between two worlds.

    The following are unique to permanent Kundalini and, combined with the above effects, constitute a superset, that is, I have experienced all of them as a result of Kundalini:

    • The triggering of autonomic self-healing mechanisms capable of correcting defects related to neural degeneration,
    • A rejuvenation of the body and a retardation of the aging process,
    • The spontaneous acceleration of neuroplastic activity in the brain, including the heightening of consciousness and the creation of a new being.

    2) ND experiences outnumber Kundalini experiences. That’s why there’s so much university research and so many books on NDE and why it’s been “legitimized.” Kundalini experiences, on the other hand, are difficult to verify and classify. NDE appear to be very similar. One to another, the same observations are recorded, the same common elements are present.

    Gopi Krishna’s mandate/vision, stated in Memorandum for Kundalini Research, , contained four points ranging from cataloging Kundalini experiences to starting an institute to guide initiates through the Kundalini activation process. Well, it’s been about 20 years since his death and not much has been done on these. When I talked with GK in 1972, he believed that Kundalini would eventually become a university subject, an object of research as well as a subject for course curriculum. Sadly, I’d say we are further away now than when he died, probably because of the proliferation of New Age claptrap, which tends to blur the issues.

    Because I avoided many of the pitfalls of the Kundalini activation process, Gopi Krishna thought my method — Golden Flower Mediation — might be used to further his vision for helping initiates activate Kundalini. That’s why I concentrate a lot of my time on explaining and promoting it. Nevertheless, my conclusion: Kundalini research will not expand until Kundalini has the same kind of critical-mass numbers as NDE.

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