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December 2017
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The Big Bang

I can’t believe this universe is an accident caused by an explosion from out of nothing. Just doesn’t seem logical it happened that way. If it was an explosion, maybe a controlled explosion, on purpose, to form the universe. Then, it could have grown from something very small. Seeds produce plants thousands of times bigger than the seed. As it grows it expands as the universe is doing. If it were a living thing as most things are it would expand when breathing in as your chest does; shrink when breathing out. The universe is far too ordered to be an accident. Things happen for a reason even if we don’t understand that reason. There is a vulnerability in labeling a phenomenon with a theory. Researchers start trying to prove the theory instead of continuing to look for other possible solutions. How important is it to have an answer? There are many things about life and the environment that remain unknown. It is OK to say “I don’t know.” “Wisdom is knowing you don’t know anything” said Socrates. We may never understand why certain things happen, so why worry about it.

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