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December 2017
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The Sky is Falling

Chicken Little ran around the barnyard yelling, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling,” to all the barnyard animals that would listen.

How many times in my life have I heard the gloom and doom soothsayers tell the end of the world is coming. More than I care to count. Recently there was the 2k scare that computers would go down everywhere causing chaos and destruction. Now the 2012 scare is looming ahead fueled by the writings of the ancient prophets and civilizations. Always with us are the preachers of Armegeddon, the end times and the second coming of Christ. So far I have seen nothing of this sort of thing happen.

Why do people still believe and get upset over such fear teachings? If the world has not ended in thousands of years of such teachings, why would anyone think it will end now due to the latest teachings of “the end of the world is near?” I think it is because most people readily believe negative teachings over positive teachings. People always seem ready to believe the worst of things about life and others. We need to grow spiritually in order to get over that way of looking at life in general. There are many more positive things happening in this world than negative ones. It is just that the negative things get more press coverage.

Have no fear, we are spiritual, and the end of anything will not affect us at all. We will all die in time and return to the spiritual world. It really doesn’t make any difference how, and when that happens. Live your life the best you can, caring and helping others along the way. The year 2012 will come and go as did the year before it and the year after it.

This world is a place of learning for us. Here we grow spiritually by learning about ourselves and learning to love one another. If this world ever outlives its purpose, it will not blow up, it will not burn up, it will gently fade back into the spiritual world from which it was created.

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