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February 2018
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Consciousness Undefined

Consciousness, mind, spirit, soul, psyche, life force, vital force, vitality, divine spark, awareness, cognizance, perception, sense, etc., are just a few of the words we use to describe the phenomenon of being. This wide variety of words are used for different contexts, and have connotations suitable for different modes of expression, i.e., formal, informal, colloquial, religious, secular, etc. For the purpose of this writing, the word consciousness will be used in all expressions.

The amount of material written about consciousness is huge, and would have one believe we understood the subject well, however, there are some real world facts that need to be considered:

Consciousness has never been observed.
Neither has it been weighed or measured.

The source of consciousness is unknown.
It’s location, within or without the body, has not been found.
No one has determined what consciousness is made of, or exactly what it contains.

There is no proof that consciousness is biological.
And consciousness can not be duplicated.

Therefor, it seems, all writings about consciousness are only subjective opinions (theories).

Roger Penrose, eminent physicist and winner of the prestigious Wolf Prize, states in his book The Emperor’s New Mind that “we don’t have a good definition of consciousness because we don’t know what it is.”

True, we don’t know what it is, only that it exists. We could not exist without consciousness because we are consciousness. Consciousness remains undefined as we remain undefined. Do you really know who you are?

“The only true knowledge is knowing that you know nothing.” — Socrates

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