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February 2018
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Spiritual Encouragement

Comments: (in response to NDE #24)
Hi John, I absolutely believe in the eternal nature of human souls. We existed before we were born as spirit children of God. We came to earth to gain experience, a physical body, and to learn things we would need to know to help us fulfil our potential and become more like our Father. Of course I don’t have a full understanding of your experience, but I would think that if you came back from His love, there must be something in this life you are yet to learn or experience. It might even be something as simple as learning the patience to endure to the end. I’d love to talk about it more, but only if you’re interested! Best wishes, E.

Comments: (in response to NDE #29)
Don’t give up!! Yes there is a perfect light and love to return to when we die, but He wouldn’t have sent us here if there wasn’t a good reason! There are things we need to learn and to do, experiences we need to gain, relationships to develop (yes, these can be eternal too). Like you, I have felt frustrated by the shallowness and meaninglessness of so many aspects of “normal” life. If only others could glimpse what the real purpose of life is, and the greater picture we are all part of! I personally have never had a NDE, but I can relate to so much of what is described. I feel a close connection with God, and through study, prayer, and spiritual experiences, I have a deepening understanding of His teaching that we should be “IN the world, but not OF it”. Unfortunately, working for a living is one of life’s necessities to avoid burdening others with our physical needs. But we have so much opportunity to do more, to reach out, and to lift and help others. Imagine when we return to that Love after we die. How it might be to return “home” knowing we’ve done our best to serve others and to see people we’ve taken time to care about, or knowing we’ve wasted the time of our “probation” here. There are so few of us who have felt His love. His influence is in the world where people invite it, but we are His hands. Lets do what we can to share the hope of that peace and love to those who’ve not yet felt it.
I hope this has helped even a tiny bit!
With love, E.

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