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December 2017
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When People Say or Think Bad Things about Us

When people say or think bad things about us.

When people think or say bad things about us, sometimes they are correct, and sometimes they are wrong. So if they are wrong you can just laugh and understand that it is just their ego, but if they are correct you try to rectify yourself, but in either case (they are right or they are wrong) you can still learn something useful. Because even if they say bad things about you which are wrong, you can try to not be effected by it, so in this way you also learn a great lesson as well.

A lot of times people say nice things to your face to try and make you feel good, but actually they are just saying it and don’t actually mean it.

Just think about this idea: most people have attachment to hearing good things, and they get so affected when people say negative things. This means they have not reached spiritual enlightenment.


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2 comments to When People Say or Think Bad Things about Us

  • Vivek INDIA Windows XP Google Chrome 13.0.782.112

    People who spread bad rumors want you to get affected if you still remain steady they will lose.
    Also even if all call you what you are not how does it matters life remains between very close set of people, else where you just have to act.

  • Anupama INDIA Windows XP Google Chrome 15.0.874.121

    What about when people say bad things about you and spread it to everyone.Then people start tagging you by some name and whatever they say is wrong.What do we do then?

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