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February 2018
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Dr. Sam Parnia on Near Death Experiences

Dr Sam Parnia: Near Death Experiences During Cardiac Arrest from APRU on Vimeo.

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4 comments to Dr. Sam Parnia on Near Death Experiences

  • AJ UNITED KINGDOM Windows 7 Mozilla Firefox 8.0.1

    How do we know it’s not a illusion or an illusion mixed with the thinks they presived just before they had cardic arrest? p.s how do we know it’s not a well consturced false memory? Anyway I belive it’s not an illusion.

    • We know it is not an illusion because the information they give after the NDE is accurate and occured during the time they were clinically dead. They are called veridical NDEs and there are thousands of them on record. Thanks for your question.

  • AC UNITED STATES Windows 7 Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13

    The drug Versed given routinely to patients to forget the surgical experience; wouldn’t this be the reason why people don’t remember their near-death experience?

    • This is possible, but there are others that don’t remember also. It is like remembering dreams, some do and some don’t. Then some do remember a year or more after the experience. Some people’s lives are dramatically changed without remembering. So I believe it is due to many factors, even to the fact that spirit will not give us more than we can bear.

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