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September 2017
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Letters 04, afraid of spirituality

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I was just thinking how in our physical world, so many are afraid of spirituality. As is often the case, many of the NDErs are often hesitant in sharing their NDEs for fear of being labeled crazy and definitely not understood. Thus even though their messages and their experiences are so profound, it often takes years before their story is ever told.

Of course, perhaps it took them awhile to understand the whole experience, to even make sense of it, and I do notice that since science, awareness, NDE studies and medical intervention is better now, there are newer accounts told sooner rather than years later.

Fortunately, the experiences are so clear and don’t change, so at least the details are clear. Yet, how much more we could all have benefited if people as a whole were not so fearful of expressing their spirituality, thus allowing those who have wonderful NDE messages to share, feel more comfortable to share them?

I have often tried to bring out NDE stories from others I know have had them, and they just will not speak of it. To me, it is a beautiful jewel to be shown to whoever is interested, or even not, as we never know when someone may benefit later. I truly believe these are gifts to us all. NDErs are today’s messengers of hope, meant to bring loving change, and purpose to us all, particularly the experiencer.

But I do understand cuz when I start to speak of spirituality to people in any form, they start being uncomfortable. Sadly, it is all the superficial things that many want to hear, not the stuff that truly matters.

So as we have come a long ways, and there are many NDErs now, I applaud them all for their courage to share when they do, and I thank them all for the gifts within their message. It is not an easy task they are here to do, but every share counts, and does make a difference, somehow.

So I ask everyone, if you have had a NDE, please dont be afraid to speak of it, to any who will hear as it just might be the thing they need to hear, but do not know just yet. It is the seed that will blossom, but whether or not you see its bloom, does not matter, for the one that hears, that bloom can make all the difference in their life’s outlook. Your share is a gift of LOVE.

Thanks for reading, hugs

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