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January 2018
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Oneness, Love is All

May we see the Oneness Love in everything and All

No matter who or what may be our call

It’s really quite divinely planned and oh so sweet

Simple or genius, rich or poor, whoever we might meet

Each soul is Love and eternally immortal

Forever connected as God’s creative Love portal


To see the light in oneself shining ever so bright

Check out the reflection within our brethren sight

We’ll know as we clear the haze of worldly perceptions

Thru the actions of loving our neighbors in kind reactions

For they will hold the mirror that we cannot miss

And the clarity will be a joyous beauty we won’t again dismiss


Then we will understand that in everything that we behold

Reflects the All that lives and dwells within so wonderfully bold

As all that we do, think, feel, affects the whole of All that Is

The power and possibility we are is an awesome beautiful biz

If we would take this opportunity right here and now

Our friend, that stranger, is but ourself a different shell than thou


Yes even in the thorns, flowers, storms or rainbow’s colorful adorn

Is but the Oneness Love that holds us all together in perfections born

There is naught a smidgen that we will ever see or even know

That does not have the spark of Oneness Love essence in a forever flow

So may we be blessed to always be aware and lovingly care

For everything we are is us, in Oneness Love we create and eternally share.


© 2010, Lekatt. All rights reserved.

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1 comment to Oneness, Love is All

  • Let’s be honest. Men struggle with thoughtfulness more than women. A man can focus like a laser on one thing and forget the rest of the. Whereas this can be benefit him in that one arena, it can make him overlook other things that need his attention.

    A woman, on the other hand, is more multi-conscious, able to maintain an amazing awareness of many factors at once. She can talk on the phone, cook, know where the kids are in the house, and wonder why her husband isn’t helping all simultaneously.

    Love requires thoughtfulness on both sides the kind that builds bridges through the constructive combination of patience, kindness, and selfishness. Love teaches you how to meet in the middle, to respect and appreciate how your spouse uniquely thinks.

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