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December 2017
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Letters 02, teaching NDEs

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Thank you for your kindness. I’m very science-oriented — I love science. The thing that these NDE skeptics don’t understand is that the credible, CONCRETE evidence is right there — right in front of them. I’m baffled by these folks. Truly.

I have a Ph.D. and was quite focused on neuropsychology. Two things I absolutely know — anoxia does not have the power to change a person profoundly — for the rest of their lives. It only has the power to damage their brains! To argue that anoxia produces this experience is ridiculous, and has no scientific validity.

The other thing is that when a person is clinically dead, there is NO WAY they can have the perspective of looking down on the scene, recalling discussion, activities, instruments, etc., and see what is going on with family members in other locations, etc. How on earth do those folks wish to explain that?

I’m now a professor. I don’t do clinical work any longer, other than helping out individuals on a voluntary basis as they occasionally come to me. My students know I am rock-solid science-based. And I make it clear I am not qualified to teach theology. Then I tell them about NDEs and the solid evidence that these experiences are REAL. I tell them there is no way we can explain NDEs as brain functioning, brain failure, response to medication, etc.

And you know what? I don’t really care what people think. I know they are real — they will learn about this eventually. And I know I’ll have that experience — maybe tomorrow — maybe when I’m 101. Who knows? But knowing about these wonderful experiences is so thrilling and comforting. Strange juxtaposition, but I know you understand. I tell my students about them to give them hope and comfort, to illustrate some of the limits of skepticism, and to encourage them to be open minded. And you know what? Once in a while, one of them has had such an experience. Lovely!

I hope I am doing something good. I hope I am helping people to be the best THEM they can be. I hope I am motivating and encouraging and inspiring them. If I can do that, I will feel my life was well spent.

Peace and love to you — thank you for your kindness. You’re doing some great things.

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