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February 2018
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I Get Letters

I have decided to start a new catagory, and post some of the letters I get from the readers of my site/blog. These letters were not anonymous when sent to me, but they shall remain anonymous when posted in my blog. This is because some of the writers are scientists with important positions, and a lot of other scientists have yet to learn the truth about near death experiences.

Near death experiences are backed up by real, solid research, and are exactly what they seem to be, real spiritual experiences. Unfortunately, science still teaches only a material universe ignoring all the evidence to the contrary. I believe this research on near death experiences, out of body experiences, and other related research will eventually overcome this materialistic nature of science, and science will finally come to recognize the spiritual nature of mankind.

If you would like to send me a letter about your feelings on this subject, please do so by going to the contact page.

Each letter will be a separate post, numbered for convenience.

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