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February 2018
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A Dream

The Onesoul presents “A Dream” by the Beloved Sis Gisl.

A Dream

I stood in a dream before the presence of our creator
At the final end of my days with my soul as mediator

There displayed were all my earthly moments
Including secret thoughts, deeds and comments

At first i stood regally tall feeling rather bright
Thinking i had a fun life and did all that was right

Made plenty of money from a great respected career
Had a nice family with whom i gladly spread cheer

Oh the good times were wonderful and so great to view
There were smiles of remembrance, even laughter for a few

Then came those numerous times i tried to forget
When i looked away from a soul in need to not be upset

When in my thoughts i felt there was naught i could do
Too many were asking for help and my life was tough too

Or the deeds that i meant to do that was left undone
Like the times when i said i would give but regrettably shun

Yes it was most wrenching all the opportunities that were missed
Perhaps only a smile was required, a little prayer or some minor assist

But i tossed them aside in order to indulge in the thrills of my life
See i did not want the burdens of others problems or lifes lessons strife

So the review that i received i judged so harshly for my waste
Zipping about with my life time given but doing not much in my haste

Although our Creator comforted me thru my painful tearful haze
I begged to do better for another chance to redeem for his praise

Now that i know what i should do it will be so easy it seems
All i needed to do was be love unto all were the answers in my dreams

Thus i awoke and was glad for this new chance yet again
A new day to be truly love renewed as my end i knew not when.

Let us live in full consciousness of who we truly are, awakened from our dreamy haze, to be as magnificent vessels of love, all the given precious moments of our days.

Thanks for reading, hugs, gisl

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