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January 2018
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The Power of Focus

As we go about our daily business we give little thought about the focus of our mind and thoughts. This is automatic to us, our focus is on whatever task we are doing in the present moment. Our eyes, mind, and thoughts may be focused on the book we are reading or some article we are writing. While we are focusing on the object of interest, we are shutting out all those things around us save the object of interest. This is normal, nothing wrong with it, and the more intense our focus becomes the more we shut out the rest of the world to favor that focus.

Some people think they can multi-task, doing several things at once, but they are only kidding themselves. Their focus just moves from one task to another, their body responding with the appropriate moves for that task. It is impossible to focus on more than one thing at a time. We should be thankful for that do to the confusion the alternative would bring.

The intensity of our focus determines how easy or hard it is for someone else to get the attention of the focuser. If you are focused on watching the Super Bowl it may be very hard for someone to break though that focus to ask a quesion. So focus is very important to life, and where you focus is very important to your well being.

You can’t drive a car and use a cell phone at the same time without endangering yourself and others. No one can, so just don’t do it, if you have an accident and you were using a cell phone it will be your fault. Awhile back I had a young girl run into the back of my car as I was making a right turn, with blinkers on, we were lucky and no damage done. But again, just don’t do it.

It is a good idea to notice what thoughts you focus on during the day. Negative thoughts turn into negative action, so try to think about positive things most of the time. Do some affirmations daily and turn negative thoughts into a positive affirmation.

Keep your focus on the good things of life so you will experience the good things of life. Practice focusing on spiritual love for yourself and all people. There is no higher good than doing good things for yourself and others.

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