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February 2018
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Leo the Cat


Leo showed up at our door about 3 weeks ago. We didn’t know if he was a Leo or a Ginger at that time. All he wanted was something to eat. We keep a bowl of food out for wandering cats at most times. Leo helped himself and never left our door. He slept by the door or sat on our car, he evidently had no place to go as the other cats did that sample our food.

We noticed he didn’t know of anyplace to go when it rained and stormed. So we took him to the vet for a checkup and shots. The vet discovered he had been declawed, the worst thing one can do to a cat. No longer able to protect himself or climb a tree for safety, it was no wonder he stayed close to us.

He is very sweet and loving, so he will fit in with our other cats. He has a home now. If you come across a homeless pet don’t just pass it by. Either take it in if you have room, or find it a home if you don’t. All life is forever sacred.

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